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Letter: Will the Select Committee for the attack on Benghazi be successful?

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Posted: Friday, June 6, 2014 9:48 pm

Trey Gowdy, a 50-year-old member of the House of Representatives and a Republican from South Carolina, has been picked to chair the newly formed Select Committee to investigate the White House response to the deadly attack in Benghazi.

As of this date, the Democratic Party, aka the progressives, have contested the formation of this panel by asking why there should be a committee to investigate a situation that is some two years old and that has been thoroughly investigated.

Yes, there have been many hearings, but they are not generally thought by the public to be thorough. The question still frustrates many as to why there has been the lack of definitive answers, and why is it there appears to be no discipline or accountability to those deemed to be responsible.

The final chapter of this drama might now be written with Gowdy at the helm. From past performances, he has exhibited that his approach will be meaningful and direct; that is, he will not accept “equivocating wiggle room” and “misdirecting” replies.

Surely two — if not three — of the party leadership should be called to testify if they had any part in the alleged “cover-up.” The two are the ex-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and the ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Without this duo, it will undoubtedly come out as just another White House “two step.”

The questions “Who authorized the false ‘spontaneous mob narrative’?” and “Who gave the ‘stand down’ order?” must be asked, for the first time, to those who are well-paid by the taxpayers to be on top of such situations and be honest in their appraisals.

Answers to the questions by the two could lead to a third person, the president. This could lead to an answer of the bigger question, “Where was the president, and to what extent did he participate in the decisions that were made?”

It is pure speculation that the trial would ever reach this point.

Richard Viall


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