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Children should be treasured and protected, not victims of terrorism

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Posted: Tuesday, April 23, 2013 12:00 am

This Boston thing makes me realize what a hypocrite I am, and has brought sadness to my soul. I claim to not believe in capitol punishment and profess all this spiritual stuff, but there is no doubt that, if given the opportunity, I would kill these men without a shred of guilt or remorse. There was an 8-year-old girl who lost her legs in the bombing. There is no excuse for harming children.

When I was in San Diego at a raw food place, I would go to the park and smoke cigarettes and talk to this huge palm tree whose name was Bob. This father would bring his daughter who had that Humpty Dumpty gait of a little girl who has just learned how to walk. She had the whole place to walk except this one place, a circle of sand with a 6-inch high concrete wall around it. Inside were some things that might hurt the little girl.

She was determined to get inside that circle. She would clop around, stopping to examine a rock or a weed, always looking to see where her father was. When she thought the coast was clear, she would make a beeline, clopping as fast as she could for the forbidden place. The father would slowly move to intercept her and block her way. Not a word was spoken.

Realizing she was foiled again, she would look up at the giant who was her father, stop, turn around and resume picking up rocks and sometimes petting a dog that someone had brought to the park.

This was repeated over and over again. As I said, she was a determined little girl. When it was time to go, he would pick her up and swing her around, her giggling and loving it. He would be carrying her away, and I always loved the interaction between the two. He would be smiling and laughing as she happily pointed out all the wonders of the universe she had discovered that day.

I have no answers.

John Lucas


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