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Letter: Use our Navy in Syria or don't do anything

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Posted: Saturday, August 31, 2013 12:00 am

The question of the day: What to do about Syria?

As I type, perhaps that decision has been made. If not, why is the U.S. flaunting four or five destroyers that can be observed on CNN or Fox? Remember, it's what you can't see that would put the most fear in the people in charge — if there are any — in Syria. Of course, I am talking about those steel tubes called nuclear submarines; nobody knows where they are, and they pack enough weapons to eliminate Syria, Iran and North Korea all at the same time.

Whatever is done, do not leave it up to Congress. A group of fifth-graders could make a better decision. Either use the billions of dollars in the form of ships and submarines, or call the whole thing off and send the ships and submarines back to Norfolk, Virginia.

President Bush had an answer to poison gas used by Saddam. Will Obama step up, or have the fleet limp home like a whipped puppy? Time will tell. Perhaps it already has as I type. Nobody likes the U.S. anyway, or can hold a candle to its naval power. I say give them a good reason, as we will end up rebuilding those countries in a few years anyway.

Speaking of poison gas, the reason no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq is because they were all sent to Syria for safekeeping.

Ed Walters


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