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Letter: Questions for Obama supporters

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Posted: Thursday, July 24, 2014 12:13 am

Leaders don’t just happen. They’re first chosen as candidates by their supporters, and then, if all goes as planned, they’re elected by the voters.

Our president didn’t just walk in off the street, throw his beret in the ring and declare for the world’s most important and powerful job. He was identified as a “possibility.” An articulate, confident, good looking man of integrity. Somewhere along the line a “power base” was assembled, a platform was formed and a run for the presidency was begun.

So far, so good. The “handlers” owned the day. The president won with more than 50 percent of the popular vote. Speeches were delivered, promises were made and his term got off to a strong start.

Early on, even the casual observer began to notice a marked difference between the candidate Obama and the elected President Obama. As time passed the difference became more and more noticeable, until today the gap is shockingly wide and his job approval rating has dramatically taken a nose-dive.

Now his supporters/handlers are obviously in disarray. What they thought to be a man to carry forth their platform has morphed into a “man on his own mission.” Different opinions of his “mission” float through the airways but none appears to satisfy many of the voters.

Let’s now ask a few simple questions to his remaining supporters:

  • Is he living up to his pre-election promises?
  • Is there transparency in his administration?
  • Has he lied to us?
  • Why does he have so many inept people around him?
  • Why aren’t the borders sealed?
  • How long will he allow Eric Holder to ignore his responsibilities?
  • Where was he during the Benghazi murders?
  • Does he actually think all of Lois Lerner’s computers crashed?
  • Are children used as pawns less important than a photo op?
  • Is it right for the IRS be used as a political arm for the Progressives?
  • Will you, his avid supporters, ever realize that this isn’t the same person that you once so confidently backed?
  • Politicians work for and are paid by the citizens. Is it too much for an employer to ask an employee for straight and direct answers to the above 11 questions?

Richard Viall


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