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U.S. government is betraying citizens

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Posted: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 10:00 pm

It is not about Mexicans, it is about U.S. laws and American citizenship.

It is not about undocumented immigrants it is about illegal aliens who are criminally invading our nation and leaching from American resources at the expense of United States citizens. Many U.S. citizens don't know or understand that once in America, these illegals cannot be refused medical treatment and once the female has a child here in the U.S., they are also entitled to an array of social service benefits at the expense of Americans. The child obtains a free education and the mother receives free housing, foods stamps and medical benefits, etc., by virtue of the child.

Then the illegal alien babydaddy moves in with the alien babymama and he obtains free food and housing on the back of his illegal babymama. Once housed, these illegals allow another five to 10 illegal aliens to move into the same dwelling. Without jobs, many of these aliens wander the streets, commit crimes, join gangs and further victimize American citizens. Our already overcrowded prisons are filled with 26 percent illegal aliens who are conveniently being housed, clothed and fed daily at the expense of United States citizens.

Many ask, why the U.S. government isn't protecting Americans from this catastrophic invasion. They brazenly politicize about halting the invasion but has federal, state or local government made any serious attempt to stop the ravage and enforce existing immigration laws? No, but here's what they've done.

In 1996, the IRS willfully and knowingly began issuing Tax ID numbers to working illegal aliens so our corrupt Federal government can tax the labor. By virtue of this Tax ID number, these Illegals obtain bank accounts, credit cards and even purchase homes and U.S. land. Furthermore, the U.S. Senate just passed a law to provide these criminal invaders with Social Security benefits. On a state level, these illegal aliens are being issued drivers licenses while state authorities refuse to enforce existing immigration laws.

On a local level, city authorities are harboring and protecting these alien invaders with sanctuary laws while subverting U.S. deportation laws. It is not about Democrats, it is not about Republicans, it is about a corrupt United States government betraying America's children and their future.

Bryan Stamos


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