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Letter: President should address economy

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Posted: Thursday, December 19, 2013 12:00 am

This letter is concerning John Lucas’ letter, “We need to get back to building a strong economy,” Dec. 10.

I agree that it would be nice if John would tell Obama, who has never addressed the jobs issue other than in speeches, that we need to get back to building a strong economy. It’s universal health care, opening the borders to illegal immigrants, the lie of global warming, gay rights and on and on that either has nothing to do with the economy or inhibits the growth and stifles it.

He cites Reagan’s era as supply side economics or trickle-down economics. Reagan’s enemies — the Bushes — called it voodoo economics. History calls it the greatest peacetime economic expansion in our history. But instead of continuing the Reagan model and legacy, the Bushes, who considered Reagan some uneducated hick born in a rented room above a bank, were so much smarter being born of privilege and part of the elite ruling class, weren’t about to follow Reagan’s example. That family is responsible for the greatest expansion of government — rivaled only by their hero FDR — and is now a pittance compared to Obama, and both parties are complicit in it.

And as far as the Pope is concerned, yes he is an international figure who is also internationally known for his communist leanings, which is a fact. That is why Obama, whose party almost left God and Israel out of their platform, is fond of quoting him while the Catholic Church and several others are suing his administration for infringing on their religious beliefs.

In Reagan’s eight years, over 16 million more people were working. After five years of Obama, there are 4 million less people working. Give us some voodoo, Lord! And please, no more Bushes, Doles, McCains, Grahams, Romneys, Christies, Boehners, McConnells, Collins and on and on. Republicans all!

Ron Portal


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