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Letter: Progressives should give Fox News a try

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Posted: Saturday, June 28, 2014 12:00 am

The Fox Network needs to be stopped. They’ve gone far too far. They insist on delivering what they refer to as current “fair and balanced” news almost daily — inundated and deluged with numerous “downloads” of a new scandal, or a cover up story of an old scandal.

I must admit they’ve finally “hooked” me. Seems there is never enough. My craving for more information just continues. I’m aware that living the life of a “political junkie” isn’t living a fruitful life. As a patriot, taxpayer, veteran and full-time parent, I can only handle so much of the information that Fox feels I need in order to be a more intelligent voter.

Even as I write, a new national outrage is being brought to light by the Fox group — children being used as political pawns on our southern boarder. Fox poses the questions of “why and how” this wasn’t anticipated, and what measures are being taken to counter the negative impact on our systems.

Granted it’s not required that I need be subjected to the personal lives of the guests of Jerry Springer, nor the sexual orientation of Miley Cyrus as an alternative, but an occasional walk in the park or the reading of a fiction book might suffice to clear some of the angst from the noggin.

My concerns here don’t necessarily pertain to all of those of the progressive persuasion. But it has been strongly indicated to me that most “lefties” would much prefer following the advice of a proven intellectual like Nancy Pelosi than to consider that anything from Fox might be “fair and balanced.” As to any anti-party notions, they seem to regard them as inconceivable, and some reprogramming of one’s commitment is called for. The news station of their choice appears to be MSNBC, and their primary guru would be Sen. Al Franken.

To those who, for whatever reason, avoid Fox, I lay down this challenge. Spend one night on TV with O’Reilly, Kelly and Sean and I will darken my own TV for one week! Caution: You might, on occasion, agree with something. And I might learn the names of my children.

Richard Viall


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