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Stuck accelerator — not just a Toyota problem

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Posted: Thursday, June 10, 2010 12:00 am

I would like to blow the lid off the biggest cover up since Kenny Roger's face lift.

The automobile manufactures and the government are trying to make us believe it is only Toyotas with the "stuck accelerator" problem. Hah!

Every day I witness seemingly normal people zoom by at speeds well above the posted limit; they cut people off and dart in and out of traffic even when such actions make no sense and put their own safety at risk.

For example, why would someone nearly clip my car to get ahead of me and then slam on her brakes when there are 15 cars ahead of me in the single lane? Obviously no sane person would do such a thing intentionally, yet it happens many times a week just on Lower Sacramento Road!

These problems are not associated with any particular make or model of car, or any age or sex of driver. This can only mean that the sticky gas pedal problems are affecting a huge portion of the driving public. Oddly, none of my current or past vehicles experience the problem, and I do notice that every young woman's vehicle does.

Regardless, I would like to give props to all those drivers with the out-of-control cars for maintaining a calm and seemingly unaffected appearance in the face of their perilous predicament. Americans are made of stern stuff!

Hear me, Lodi, something has to be done before we have utter chaos on the roads. Please, everyone, complain to the car companies and government to address this horrible situation so all those poor out-of-control drivers can be saved!

John Herrick


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