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Letter: Where are the compassionate doctors in Lodi?

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Posted: Friday, July 11, 2014 10:40 pm

I feel the need to say something about Lodi’s medical doctors. I moved away for 10 years and wanted to come back to what I remember as the “Great Little Town of Lodi.”

I have some medical issues, so I have been to doctors. The ones I had before are almost all retired (Mullen and Reager, to name a few) so I had to find new ones. I will say Lodi Health Physicians Millsbridge Family Care is great.

I am in shock at how doctors are nowadays to their patients. They spend five minutes with you and you walk out either worse or not knowing what the heck you even have wrong. You are sent to a specialist because they can’t or don’t want to figure it out. Lodi Memorial Hospital has nice staff, but some of the ER doctors need to have some compassion and be a bit more humane.

I have been sent to so many doctors, had so many tests, spent so much money and still I’m sitting here after eight months with nothing resolved, and still waiting for a real doctor to come along and give me an accurate diagnosis and treatment. All doctors want to do now is either send you off to a specialist that “they know,” or spend five minutes talking to you with their foot half out of the door. If I call with a question, I get no real answer, then get documented for how many times I call trying to find out what I have, and eventually get dumped.

Take a few minutes, medical profession in Lodi, and spend a few extra minutes with your patients instead of letting most of us walk out not knowing what the heck is wrong, or saying we need a anti-depressant. Compassion and a simple explanation will go a long way and they have no side effects.

Jeanette Cott


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