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President Obama lied about Benghazi

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Posted: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 12:00 am

Again, today, I looked for a headline in the News-Sentinel saying "Obama lied for more than two weeks." I can't believe that our president can ignore and lie about the terrorist attack on Benghazi, Libya, and you and many other "newspapers" wouldn't print the story.

It's been proved by phone calls and emails that help was requested as the embassy was being bombed and overrun by Islamic terrorists! The four American heroes fought to their death as Obama and Hillary did nothing to help them! They watched the attack on video sent them by drones.

The attack happened on 9/11 and still our president has not held a press conference explaining the reason for not sending help to our ambassador. Air Force planes from Italy could've been there in two hours, as well as Marines as the seven-hour attack continued.

After a short message on Sept. 12, Obama jetted off to Las Vegas. He continued for over two weeks to tell the American public that the attack was because of a film in Egypt about Mohammed, and was fast to apologize to the Muslims for the film.

Obama convinced Hillary to take responsibility for the lack of protection and orders for the Navy SEALs to "stand down" the three (yes three) times they asked for help. Knowing 9/11 is an unsafe time for our country, protection was withdrawn as other countries packed up and left the area. Obama is the president, the Commander-in-Chief — not Hillary!

I am angry that these lies and cover-ups continue in our government. I am angry that the media think they owe it to Obama to protect him. I am appalled that you chose to totally ignore this horrifying news.

The families of the ambassador and the other three who died blame their deaths on our incompetent president who watched "live" from the situation room as the embassy burned. The father of Tyron Woods (one of the SEALs who disobeyed orders to stand down and went anyway to help Ambassador Stevens) said, "I forgive those who caused my son's death. I just hope that in the future our government can act with the honor and moral courage that my son had."

I do too!

Carolyn Hadden


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