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Letter: We should not tolerate the use of children as political pawns

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Posted: Friday, July 18, 2014 11:00 pm

Waiting — while it can at times be downright tedious — seems to be just a normal part of living, something we understand. But “waiting” for unfulfilled promises is still another thing. The promise to make our southern border with Mexico secure is one that should not cause us to wait.

The president has shown in the past that, with a simple stroke of the pen, he could solve any number of what he considers pressing problems. It should be done now because it’s necessary; it’s a “no-brainer,” and he should forget the party politics and get ’er done. We all know it was promised!

Many are still waiting for answers on: the Benghazi murders and the subsequent, rather obvious cover-up; the charge that the IRS was being used by the administration as an enforcement tool; the Veterans Administration’s lack of control over the health of their charges; the hold-up of the Keystone Pipeline; and others. The list of broken promises just keeps growing. But wait, have patience, we are told — the leaders in Washington are working on it.

Concerning our most recent “flare-up” regarding our neighbor Mexico, there is a serendipity that can be played out on a “win-win” level. It would necessarily involve the actual closing of the border. Yet due to the political ramifications, today its porous condition benefits only those who break the laws and those who benefit by obtaining votes. The lives of the children who are being used as pawns in this “power war” is unconscionable and, regardless of party affiliation, should never be tolerated. We have been told that this monumental problem was known far in advance, and that no proactive measures were taken. Someone’s colossal shame!

And as an aside, we also “wait” for those five trained killers just released from Gitmo to kill again! And they will! Just how long are we expected to “wait” for anything close to a problem-solving nature to come out of D.C.?

Richard Viall


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