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Mr. Portal responds to Mr. Turner's letter

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Posted: Saturday, September 18, 2010 12:00 am

This letter is in regards to Mr. Turner's letter of Aug. 26, 2010 titled, "Mr. Portal was not responding to my letter." Mr. Turner, you have the same response to any distracter to your letters — all are without understanding, all are misquoting this or that or are taken out of context, and none can see the brilliance that is Jim Turner.

My letter wasn't concerning just your diatribe against Mr. Viall. It was all your letters to the editor, none of which are edifying, but rather one complaint after another against people in America in general and Lodi in specific. You attack and condemn, and when someone responds to your provocation, you turn your venom on them as if you were just minding your own business and out of nowhere these mean racist people jump on you without reason.

It's no surprise you disagree with me that most people in America are good, hard-working and compassionate. You couldn't stay the victim if you believed in the innate goodness of your fellowman.

Your comment about the Constitution shows your ignorance of what's happened to it since the days of FDR. And your comment of my "awkward misstatement" of the proud tradition of the Marine Corps, of which I was born into, raised in and served in, shows your insensitivity and callousness of spirit and disrespect of a fellow veteran, and therefore deserves no response.

You asked what I meant by caring for those who are unable. You say I didn't say what that meant. It's self-explanatory, and your inability to fathom its meaning speaks volumes.

My letter was to rebut Mr. Turner's view that people are no good and racist. I'd like to believe Mr. Turner is a good man and the nice guy he claims to be, but all I know of him is his writings, and he comes off as a very bitter old man — very unfortunate

Ron Portal


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