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Letter: Government-run health care and the price of gas in California

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Posted: Saturday, May 31, 2014 12:00 am

The VA is government-run health care for veterans and is currently in trouble due to mismanagement and corruption. It has a problem which, if the government would have acted more efficiently, could have been corrected within days or weeks by giving vets vouchers or monies to see other health care units — private and non-government.

Makes you wonder how the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, will do to provide health care in the long run for us citizens. Chances are it will fall into the same morass the VA has with corruption, mismanagement, etc. Definitely something to think about. It could happen.

Second point: The governor wants to add a 15-cent tax to gasoline to raise money for another of his projects. My question? What has become of all the money from taxes added in the past to pay for one project or another that wasn’t taken off when the project was completed and paid for? This is one of the major reasons that we in California are paying 75 cents per gallon in taxes for the fuel we use.

What is being missed here is the fact that they want to create jobs, but with higher fuel costs, those looking for a job cannot afford to travel to get them. And those with jobs are paying extreme prices to travel to their job.

If the government in D.C. and our governor were really interested in getting people working, they would get the price of fuel down to $2 per gallon so that those who want to find work would be able to travel to get it.

R. J. Schuman


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