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Illegal Immigrants and the myriad of opinions

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Posted: Tuesday, March 4, 2008 10:00 pm

I am like many other people who get their thoughts bogged down when it comes to this subject, "Ship 'em back," "Lock em up," or "Hold the employer liable for hiring illegals."

That is fine for the criminal element, but what about the parents who risked everything to get to America and find a better life for their kids? "We are all immigrants" and "yes we came legally," but not so for the 15 million who came without papers. They work the fields all over the country doing work none of us would do. If they all left now, we could never afford the price of farm goods and the multitude of jobs they do.

Take those that come here legally, they come here speaking little English, if any, and a decade or so later their children are fluent in two languages and contribute to the overall economy of the United States. Before I retired from a store on Lodi Avenue, I had many Mexican families shop at the meat counter on Sunday morning. They would bring their neatly dressed children in to shop after church, as many are Christians, too. I felt good to see their smiling faces. They should be shown more compassion.

Now, here is how I feel about the responsibility our government has in all this mess: All along we have had the laws on the books to control immigration, but officials looked the other way because everybody was getting cheap help. Well, I feel we should have a law on the books for when the government and the INS services don't get hold of illegals within three years. Those folks should be granted immediate amnesty and made citizens of the USA. Remember… "But for the grace of God there go I." My wife and I have had Mexican neighbors for 30 years and they are among the nicest folks you'll ever meet.

Walter White


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