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Republicans have suggested numerous jobs bills, too

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Posted: Tuesday, November 1, 2011 12:00 am

First, let me set Frank Caruso straight. I am an Independent, not a Republican. I have no brand. What I have is common sense when it comes to sifting through lies told by both parties.

You chose to pick out what one Republican said and brand the whole GOP. How many Democrats thought the same of Bush but didn’t get caught saying it? Let’s be real.

Obama is on tape saying you can’t raise taxes at a time like this. Now with the election getting close, he is campaigning and saying what the left wants to hear. Tax the rich. Make them pay their fair share.

Obama made Jeffrey Immelt his jobs czar. That’s right — GE, the ones who paid no federal tax and the ones moving jobs to China.

This president has thrown away billions on green jobs. He wanted to jump-start his green jobs act with Solyndra in Southern California. He was warned that this was a bad investment, and actually told the date that they would go bankrupt. Guess what, they were right. Half a billion of our tax dollars were wasted.

They even put us, the taxpayer, second in line to receive any money when they went bankrupt. Obama has a rich friend who put millions into Solyndra, and he will get his money. Not us. This may well be illegal and is being investigated.

This president couldn’t care less how much money he has wasted creating so few jobs. Republicans have had numerous jobs bills, and Harry Reid tabled them. Republicans can get nothing done controlling just the House. Remember, the Democrats had control of both the House and Senate for two years under Obama; how many jobs did they create?

Wake up, people. Washington is not looking out for you.

Give businesses what they need to come home and hire local. Get the unions out of government. They only want more. Term limits for all who go to Washington. And one more thing, Mr. Caruso: I will vote for the person who I think can better all Americans. No spin here.

John Krueg


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