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Letter: Gun control is not an effective solution

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Posted: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 12:00 am

With all the challenges facing Californians today, gun control is the least important but seems to have taken center stage. Among many draconian “gun control” laws, none is any less so than State Sen. (Kevin) de Leon’s S.B. 53, requiring an annual permit to purchase ammunition and requiring all transactions to be face-to-face, eliminating the people’s ability to order ammunition online. A similar bill has already been deemed unconstitutional and voided — why are we wasting time trying to do it again?

Obama’s January 2013 Executive Orders regarding firearms included commissioning a report by the CDC on so-called “gun violence.” The report concluded that “self-defense can be an important crime deterrent;” citizens who were armed at the time of the attack had “consistently lower injury rates” compared to victims who used other self-protective strategies. Almost all national survey estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive use by criminals. FBI estimates up to 10 times more often than as offensive use by criminals, as many as three million each year, and the majority of the time, no shots are fired. “The Second Amendment ... being necessary to the security of a free state” clause.

Most unlawful use of firearms occurs in areas with risk factors and predictors of violence that include diminished economic opportunities, high levels of family disruption and low levels of community participation. These are the areas we should be concentrating on improving, not disarming the law abiding citizens of the state. Armed citizens are the original homeland security.

Sixty-one percent of gun deaths in the United States are suicide, not homicide. No gun control law in existence will change this. Australia used suicide as a reason to ban weapons and found it had no effect!

Write your state senator and Assembly member and urge them to uphold their oath of office, to strongly oppose this attack on the Second Amendment and oppose and defeat all the “gun control” laws coming before the legislature. Gun control is rooted in racism, has never reduced crime and nothing has changed.

“More guns equals less crime.”

David Duffy


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  • Mike Adams posted at 8:11 pm on Fri, Aug 23, 2013.

    Mike Adams Posts: 1560

    Just don't get to the part where you have to load up 'gators!

    Just through that in for andrew. Somebody actually called in Coast to Coast last weekend with that story. Who ever the host is just moved on to some other call.

    Another person tried to convey the story about bankruptcy in the 1930's and why all of our names are spelled in capitals (hhmmmm mine isn't and I was born after 1933), the same thing Daniel gets on to every once in a while.

    Seriously, look at infowars. All it is is someone blogging about boogers and someone else uses that as a source, some big city news paper has to fill an inch so they put it in and now you have instant credibility. andrew got mad a me a long time ago when I still thought he was normal when I wouldn't watch an hour long video explaining how no plane flew into the pentagon on 9/11. Christ, they didn't even have it hitting the same side of the building. This is what passes as "fact" for the CTs, not "evidence supports a fact". Odd the most suspicious group in America isn't suspicious about clearly wrong evidence like not hitting the correct side of the building. And they don't listen to reason at all. Mohamad Atta or what ever his name is could tell them "I fly in to the south tower, not a missile, me..." and they wouldn't believe it.

    Aaron Burr was right weird =stupid, stupid = weird

  • robert maurer posted at 3:00 pm on Fri, Aug 23, 2013.

    mason day Posts: 485

    [lol] In the heavily wooded state of Idaho, this will be them: "yea, they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles and they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn't go, they ran so fast that a hound... Ol' Hickory said we can take'm by surprise if we don't fire our muskets 'til we look'em in the eyes... Russians in SF aiding SF police?[lol]Are they based at the Gorbachev monument building? You're right,Mike,it's shameful that I missed it. Guess I better run down to Cabela's and buy a lifetime supply of 177 cal. pellets before there's a shortage.

  • Mike Adams posted at 12:24 pm on Fri, Aug 23, 2013.

    Mike Adams Posts: 1560

    What we really need to be concerned about, and this effects every gun owner in America ils the UN Disarmament Commission "Civilian Weapons Confiscation Group". This secret organization is drawing up plans to confiscate almost all forms of firearms with the exception of 12 gauge single shot black powder guns and every handgun and long arms (rifles). All "military grade" weapons will be confiscated.

    Infowars has reported that Russian solderiers are going door to door with members of the San Fransisco police department confiscating firearms.

    What's shamefull is that it's been out in the open all this time and no one paid any attention to it.

    It's here right now fellas!! Enjoy September 1st! It might be the last time you go dove hunting with a shot gun. Go down to Big 5 today and buy all their slingshots! Get ahead of the rush. When people need slingshots, you'll have 'em all and make a killiln' on the price.

  • Eric Barrow posted at 1:07 pm on Thu, Aug 22, 2013.

    Eric Barrow Posts: 1601

    David I didn't cite any reports and for the record the report you cited

    doesn’t show any correlation between the number of guns and a decline in violent crime it does point out the US has more guns and more gun crimes than most developed countries and it mentions that a high rate of abortion in the 70s may be responsible for the lower crime rates and also that the increased incarceration rate of a particular age based demographic group may be a cause. It does say that those working on the paper came to no consessus as to a reason for the decline in violence.

  • Mike Adams posted at 12:47 pm on Thu, Aug 22, 2013.

    Mike Adams Posts: 1560

    Perhaps I over estimate my marksmanship abilities. I read an article many many years ago (early 70's?) on point shooting. At it's elementary level, you just point and shoot. As you practice more and more, you take aim less and less. It's kind of a hand-eye-brain-muscles-relax-squeeze-the-trigger thing. And it doesn't matter what firearm you learn on, the article referred to a Daisy BB gun. The skill translates from one gun to the next. I've read that that's how cons learn to shoot. It's very similar to pretending to shoot someone with your thumb and forefinger. The more often you do it, the better you get. When you do have a gun in your hand, it is natural for it to be pointing in the right direction

    Anyway, you find your zero quite consistantly. I'm a little out of training now and need to polish it back up.

  • David Duffey posted at 10:56 am on Thu, Aug 22, 2013.

    Dave95258 Posts: 7

    Accidental discharge, injuries and deaths have also gone down in the last 25 years. Significantly.

  • David Duffey posted at 10:17 am on Thu, Aug 22, 2013.

    Dave95258 Posts: 7


  • David Duffey posted at 10:06 am on Thu, Aug 22, 2013.

    Dave95258 Posts: 7

    Eric, the stats you cite were from a report that was debunked almost before it was printed. It was designed to show that and had a very skewed sampling. When someone that pays for a study wants a certain outcome, low and behold, there it is.

  • David Duffey posted at 10:01 am on Thu, Aug 22, 2013.

    Dave95258 Posts: 7

    Not unusual for ninety percent of rounds to miss their target in a fire fight, anther reason standard capacity magazines hold more than 10 rounds. Many things happen under the stress of a fire fight, both psychologically and physiological. Blood pressure, respiration and heart rates go up, we loose the ability of monocular vision, closing one eye, which is why you should practice with both eyes open. Inability to focus closer than four feet, makes sighting even harder. And of course, the major adrenalin rush, which further complicates things.

    Cops (and I am a retired one) seem to have a worse record with hits on target under stress than civilians do, which is odd. Cops also have a worse record of shooting innocents than civilians in a similar situation.

    Nine rounds, nine assailants down, only if you put them in center mass and hit something vital, or the nasal-ocular cavity. Even then, an amped up criminal, many times high on drugs, may take more than one round in vital organs to go down. Takes up to three minutes to bleed out enough to neutralize the threat, and they can do a lot of damage in that time.

  • Mike Adams posted at 6:35 am on Thu, Aug 22, 2013.

    Mike Adams Posts: 1560

    I thought would have been

    "We are all in danger of another youtube link (as though it is more reliable, trustworthy, accurate, and timely than just saying "crime went down" and leaving it at that)."

    "Weird praise and praise from the weird is no praise at all. It's just weird" - - Aaron Burr

  • Andrew Liebich posted at 9:00 pm on Wed, Aug 21, 2013.

    Andrew Liebich Posts: 2999

    The issue is NOT a matter of opinion. It is a FACT as evidenced by the FBI Uniform Crime Reports that you are apparently unable or unwilling to read.

    Congratulations on your rare moment of clarity!
    "This is how crime goes down when gun ownership goes up."

  • Mike Adams posted at 6:38 pm on Wed, Aug 21, 2013.

    Mike Adams Posts: 1560

    Please Eric!!! Just say yes!!! We are all in danger of another youtube link (as though it is more reliable, trustworthy, accurate, and timely than just saying "crime went down" and leaving it at that).

    And after the youtube, comes the endless links to bloggers, fringe dwellers, and probably trolls living under bridges as well. All of them legitimate because a major newspaper needed to fill 1 inch so they just cut it to fit and pasted it. Instant Credibility!!!

    But let me take a wack at your question.

    You have a lot of people owning guns who have only a bare minimum of knowledge on their operation, but with the most powerful, deadly bullets available. They also lack any real training on the use of lethal force, aside from what they've seen on TV.
    Many of them mean well and want to be educated, it's just that few of them ever do. This does not mean they shouldn't have them. Possessing firearms is a Constitutional gaurantee, not a priviledge.

    The first time one of these people light one up in the hallway of their home, they will be in a big surprise (But the clerk told me the T/C Contender was a one shot kill when chambered for 7mm Rem. Mag!!). Now the gun owner has a hole the size of a fist on his outside wall, the neighbor has a jagged hole in his garage wall which also went into the engine block of his prize restored '68 Corvette which he just finished. He is also going to be mostly deaf and the cut above his right eye where the muzzle hit it as it flew back over his shoulder, chipping one of his wife's front teeth before it stopped.

    If you are going to get a gun for self defense, buy wisely. Get a good gun. One that is reliable. One that is easy to shoot. Don't get a 500 S&W! Don't get the 50 Desert Eagle. Get a 38 revolver.
    Take it to a range (Ione has an excellent range off Twin Cities Rd.).
    There are many people at any range that can help you. They will help you if you look like you're having trouble or if you ask.

    Practice with it.Try and get to the range once every 4-6 months ( Yes I know more often is better). Practice drawing it or getting it out of your nightstand. You'll look foolish, so don't do it when the kids are there.

    This is how crime goes down when gun ownership goes up. Thousands of normal, honest, hard working people who are familiar with their guns but don't go looking for trouble. You can rest at night and in the event of some national calamity, you can protect your home and family, your neighborhood.

  • Eric Barrow posted at 5:40 pm on Wed, Aug 21, 2013.

    Eric Barrow Posts: 1601

    The question I asked was with the increase in gun ownership do you think that are cities are safer? You tend to like to answer questions that no one asked you. So again I will ask with increase of gun ownership over the last few decades do you feel the streets in whatever city you live in are safer, it's an opinion question and only needs a yes or no answer.

  • Andrew Liebich posted at 3:04 pm on Wed, Aug 21, 2013.

    Andrew Liebich Posts: 2999

    Eric, you incorrectly stated, "We have more guns than ever and it doesn't seem that the streets are safer now"

    I provided FBI Uniform Crime Reports that clearly indicate that isn't true.

  • Mike Adams posted at 2:38 pm on Wed, Aug 21, 2013.

    Mike Adams Posts: 1560

    Just seems most shootings by police involve 10's of rounds with several magazine changes. There was a nice video from Gunsight showing a man pulled over for a traffic stop opening fire on the two unwitting patrol officers. One office fired about 10 times (right seat side officer), the patrolman driving fired 17 rounds (my guess: Glock 17). The guy was down and dead, just hit 3 or 4 times. You could see bullets missing all over the place. It's ok, the offender is now dead, and one of the officers was wounded.

    I changed to a youth model 870 in 20 Ga for inside the house. Small, light, and deadly (and quieter too!). Still, my 1911 will be in my hand WTSHTF. Nine rounds = Nine assailants down for the count. Gun control means hitting your target, and moving on to the next one.

  • Ed Walters posted at 1:42 pm on Wed, Aug 21, 2013.

    the old dog Posts: 632

    Doug: You could be right, I`ll let you figure which one concerns me, you got three correct. Still young enough to light up the tires on my vette. Like I said and I do believe you will agree with me, that gang members are cowards and will be one of two places by the time they are 30 if not before, in prison or the brown side of the grass.

    Mike, I can`t agree with you as far as spray and pray goes. I have fired .45`s and 38`s (my little buddy ) but the weapon that gets the job done and scares the devil out of me is a 12 gauge shot gun with double 00 buck, not much left when hit by that killer, and you really don`t have to be that good of a shot, just get close. Spray, forget the pray and hold on tight.

  • Eric Barrow posted at 1:35 pm on Wed, Aug 21, 2013.

    Eric Barrow Posts: 1601

    I've done plenty or research and found that there is little to no correlation between societies that ban guns and gun violence and the same is true with societies with very lenient gun laws. My question wasn't whether someone could put statistics together to prove gun control one way or the other that has been done to death by both sides. My question waswith the increase in gun ownership do you feel the cities of this country have become safer?

  • Eric Barrow posted at 9:09 am on Wed, Aug 21, 2013.

    Eric Barrow Posts: 1601

    Don't doubt that, I could also show you a study stating that your odds of being injured or killed with a gun increase if you are a gun owner. You got your stats I got mine . My point was with the increase in gun ownership in this country do you feel that the streets of cities in America are safer. One hint you wont find the answer on YouTube you might have to crack the curtains and have a look outside.

  • David Duffey posted at 9:07 am on Wed, Aug 21, 2013.

    Dave95258 Posts: 7

    Robert, I don't know if you put a tiny URL or the paper shortened it. Link is "not found" but, here is it, I hope. Excellent information.


  • David Duffey posted at 9:05 am on Wed, Aug 21, 2013.

    Dave95258 Posts: 7

    Re: Eric Barrow's question.
    Eric, Gun crime has FALLEN for the last 20 years but the anti Constitution self defense politicians and news media has HYPED every event to make it appear worse. Robert Maurer's post illustrates that well. You do not hear about the defensive use of weapons because it does not fit the statists propaganda story. You did not hear about the Clackamas Mall shooting, 11 December 2012, in Oregon because it was stopped by a citizen with a CCW permit.

    John Lott's book, "More Guns Equals Less Crime" is a very thorough investigation into the topic. He has updated it periodically over the years to keep it current and ACCURATE. The places that have the highest gun crime are those with the STRICTEST gun control laws, including California. Within California, gun crime is greatest in the cities that have very strict gun control.

    Gun crime has gone DOWN the most in states that have made gun ownership and concealed carry by LAW ABIDING CITIZENS easier. Gun control is based on racism, which is to disarm the "inferior races" or people. In the South it was blacks, in California it was originally Asians. The NRA was founded to help arm the black population in the South to protect them against the KKK.

    Do a little research, it doesn't take much and you will see. For one book, read Lott's although Gary Kleck also has some excellent works on the subject.

  • robert maurer posted at 8:13 am on Wed, Aug 21, 2013.

    mason day Posts: 485

    Gun crimes have plunged since 1993 but Americans think it's up says study by the Federal Bureau of Justice statistics. articles.latimes.com/.../la-na-nn-gun-crimes-pew-report-201305...

  • Doug Chaney posted at 6:28 am on Wed, Aug 21, 2013.

    advocate Posts: 502

    Ed, you sound like a tough, ornery old coot. LOL

  • Mike Adams posted at 6:13 pm on Tue, Aug 20, 2013.

    Mike Adams Posts: 1560

    Ed: Most gangs participate in gang on gang gunplay. In general (not always), civilians usually aren't targeted. Now before you start listing all the incidents of gang on civilian warfare, I said "usually". Of course a civilians are attacked, or they are hit by errant bullets (like recently on School St.), but nothing like the frequency of gangs on gangs.

    Fortunately, most gangs shoot about as well as most cops...spray and pray.

    I doubt you would get a CCW from our police chief. You probably have to go to the sheriff (the new one if he gets elected). I guess it's ok for everyone to carry concealed guns except honest law abiding citizens.

  • Andrew Liebich posted at 4:25 pm on Tue, Aug 20, 2013.

    Andrew Liebich Posts: 2999

    Do you ever know what you are talking about? [sleeping]


  • Ed Walters posted at 2:00 pm on Tue, Aug 20, 2013.

    the old dog Posts: 632

    In order to get into a gang, the want a be must kill someone? I don`t believe that is the main use of guns in the today. Now that want a be will spend most of his life in prison. Gangs are nothing more than cowards that believe 5-6 on 1 are good odds. In my days a fight involved nothing more than fists and nobody really got hurt, outside of a broken nose and black eyes. As far as guns are concerned, it all depends on who is pack`en. For reasons unknown, people get shot for no reason at all, if I were to spend anytime down town or carry a large amount of money, I would apply for an CCW. To have a gang member stand in front of my truck and order me out, first and foremost I would make sure it was in 4 wheel drive, then floor the gas.

  • Eric Barrow posted at 1:16 pm on Tue, Aug 20, 2013.

    Eric Barrow Posts: 1601

    More guns equal less crime? We have more guns than ever and it doesn't seem that the streets are safer now than 20 or 30 years ago as a matter of fact a lot of the old timers on this forum feel like things are much worse than when they were young so when does that more guns making things safer kick in?


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