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Letter: Fourth of July is over — so stop setting off fireworks!

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Posted: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 12:00 am

I live just out of the city limits and am still hearing fireworks coming from Lodi. Friday night, on July 4, it sounded like a war zone. I tolerated it because it was a celebration of our nation’s birth and I was prepared for the fireworks due to advanced notice.

Fireworks are not allowed in the part of San Joaquin County where I am a resident. Three years ago, someone lit fireworks that were allowed in the city limits as well as illegal fireworks, causing my German shepherd to break free from his enclosure and be lost for a week. The fireworks in the city of Lodi had not bothered him in the past. I can’t tell you how many hours were spent looking for my beloved pet, as well as the many countless nights of lost sleep due to fireworks being lit well into the evening.

Since that experience, I was even more vigilant to make sure my pet would be kept safe. But this is ridiculous. Fireworks have been going off since June, and I was still hearing them last night. Every time my dog hears them I have to bring him in, no matter what time of night. Thank goodness I have been home, but I don’t even want to think what would happen to him should I be unavailable. Drugging my dog for weeks is just not an option.

Whoever brought the idea of allowing fireworks to be sold in Lodi, please come up with an idea to stop it after the Fourth of July. I understand the excitement of fireworks, but these rules and regulations are there for a reason. I can prepare for one day, but two weeks is wrong and inconsiderate to those who must sleep, work or are annoyed by the noise.

Thank you, Tony Oddo, for bringing this situation up in his letter to the editor on July 10. I am speaking for my dogs most of all.

K Iwamiya


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