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Financial responsibility is needed in our government

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Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 12:00 am

I don't mind when a newspaper prints an article contrary to my opinion. Usually they are well-written with some fact-based truth behind them, however far-fetched. I usually just ignore them.

On July 17, the Lodi News-Sentinel printed an article by Joe Conason from Creators Syndicate. The first few paragraphs slams Gov. Mitt Romney and Republicans on their idea of taxes and who should pay what. He then goes on to say that the Greek financial problem is not that they spent too much, but that they failed to collect taxes from the rich. He goes on to say that if we fail as a nation, it will be because of our "failure to raise and enforce taxes on those who can afford to pay."

On Thursday, another writer from the same syndicate claimed that even a rebounding economy will not be enough to pull state governments out of their fiscal mess. Her solution is more taxes. She wants sales tax on Internet sales as a starter.

Whatever happened to financial responsibility? If you ran your household like our leaders are running the government, you would go bankrupt and lose everything you have. Oh wait, that's already happened to a lot of us. Prop 13 didn't cause our financial situation; properties losing two-thirds of their value helped, reported and long-time unemployment helped, having a climate that is unfriendly to businesses — causing them to leave the state — helped, and bad investments, bad decisions and bad directions helped.

A 3-year-old knows that a bubble will sooner or later pop. Our leaders followed a course that believed the bubble would go on forever. They're still spending like the bubble is ongoing. The upper level of state workers have just gotten a raise. Everybody else has taken a pay cut or lost their job.

Gov. Moonbeam had just started a multibillion-dollar railway that goes nowhere, and that very few people will ride. He also wants to build a multibillion-dollar canal to take our water to SoCal. He says it's an investment in the future. Sorry, at this rate we have no future.

Still miss the Monday paper.

Jim Sugden


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