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Obama is not helping to improve the economy

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Posted: Thursday, October 4, 2012 12:00 am

I would like to comment on Mr. Lucas' letter, "A history of conservative Republican ideas and achievements," published on Sept. 27. It is the typical liberal argument of grammar school logic and no facts. I can't cover each issue in this response due to word limitations, but let me address a few.

To suggest that Herbert Hoover and Republican policies caused the crash of 1929 is just plain weird. Speculation, unsecured loan practices, margin buying and perhaps Fed Reserve policies were the culprit, not Hoover's policies.

As to our recent crash, one need only look to the actions of Cuomo, Dodd and Frank to find out how the Democrats sought to get people into housing who could not afford a down payment or monthly payments. The record is replete with Bush administration efforts to get Congress to address the issue but being frustrated by Mr. Frank accusing them of being anti-poor people (apparently it is anti-poor to think not having the money to buy something should prevent you from buying it).

Lastly for now, you see that once the fact that Obama increased the debt by $5 trillion (or is it $6 trillion now?) in four years, liberals like Mr. Lucas argue, "Oh yeah, the debt went up under Republicans too!" Not much of an argument. The issues are whether such new debt is good or bad and what happens if we don't do something. Obama promised to cut the debt in half, but now says "the economy was worse than he thought." No, we understood just how bad it was and his ineptitude is not helping.

The left is incapable of cogently arguing their position because there are rarely any facts to support it. Instead, they just spout the nonsense they heard on MSNBC or at some skate park as if it were true or rational; it's not.

John Herrick


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