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Long- and short-term outlooks for America

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Posted: Thursday, November 8, 2012 12:00 am

Barack Obama won, and his prize is another four years as President of the United States of America. But who are the real winners from this contest? Well, that depends on whether or not your outlook is short or long.

If the outlook is short then the winners are public sector unions — I guess that includes GM — minorities and single women. And the losers? Well, in the short term there are no losers 'cause everyone gets to pull a ladle of lard from the gravy train. But then fast forward to the fall of 2014: The debt at nearly $20 trillion, 15-percent unemployment and a variety of urban settings that resemble St. Petersburg circa 1916.

The point is that when half of the people are clinging to a hope that can not be realized, then trouble is about to visit in a way that will make all of the little hearts shudder — that means you, Lupey.

Be strong, people; the end might be near but there's still time to get your own house in order.

Stan Taves


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