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We need a change in who spends our tax money

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Posted: Monday, April 2, 2012 12:00 am

I want to balance the federal budget as much as anyone, but it is not going to happen if we elect the same bunch to Congress. The Congress (House of Representatives) by law is in charge of our tax money. Does the current Congress want to cut the budget? You decide.

Why is there an argument over buying M1 Abrams tanks? The Pentagon does not want any more. They tried to give 400 of them away to Greece. We don't need any more F-16s, either, but Romania wanted them for free! Again, the Pentagon does not want any. Yet our fiscally conservative Republican Congress is forcing the military to buy them. Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics are just two of the problems. There are 435 more problems that the voter can solve in November.

I remember this conversation in 1992. The V-22 Osprey was considered useless, and yet 61 of them were built by Clinton and promptly mothballed. People, the military has at least 20 percent of the budget. That's almost $1 trillion each year; add an extra trillion for the two Middle East wars and another trillion in discretionary spending by Congress. If you can do math, maybe you can understand my point.

The men and women of the military are not the problem — you people who vote are the problem. We need to vote out all of them. The information is all there — start reading! And don't forget to vote!

Jerry Bransom


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