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America doesn't want a Republic

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Posted: Thursday, December 3, 2009 12:00 am

Newsweek cover of Feb. 16 stated we are all socialists now.

In Europe, communists often say we are economic democrats (USSR — Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, now Russia). I guess we had better change USA to USSA.

I am looking at age 85, but remember what the top Communist here in the west under Gus Hall said to me while I was in my 20s. He said to me that the people of the USA will become socialists slowly, not even knowing it. Reason: wanting more government, wanting something free. The thought is that if you get it from the government, it is free. The promise of the era of big government.

The true belief of democracy: Everyone does what they want. The people don't want a true republic; Social Security is not a private-monitored plan, but rather a government plan that could be robbed — as with socialized medicine, government-owned railroads, auto companies, banks and brokerage houses. No money is backed by gold or silver, and paper is backed by homes. Money is worthless; the more you print, the less is the worth.

Caterpillar started in Stockton; now it's only in China. Boeing Aircraft, too.

Precious metal — gold, coin, bullion — taken under FDR. This president's administration ordered all safe deposit boxes searched, and sentenced you to prison if you didn't turn it in. Federal Reserve notes replaced silver certificates. The last silver was sold to India. This current president stated he would do like FDR did.

Perhaps WWIII will be sooner than I think. I wait for replies from socialist eco-democrats and would-be communists. I cry for this country I love.

Oskar Johanson


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  • posted at 3:01 pm on Wed, Dec 9, 2009.


    Not only were you wrong on “Cat” you blew it on Boeing.. Their new 787 CompositeCommercial Airplane is being built in Washington state. It has parts made from outsidethe US true but that is also incentive for those countries to Buy Boeing over Airbus…United Airlines ordered 25 Airbus 350’s and 25 Boeing 787...

  • posted at 8:07 am on Wed, Dec 9, 2009.


    Fine point, but many falsities that make your opinion useless. Here is where you lose me:1. Democracy = majority rule, NOT ‘The true belief of democracy: Everyone does what they want’ – that would be Anarchy2. Caterpillar products and components are manufactured in 50 U.S. facilities and in over 60 other locations, in 23 countries around the globe. They flew me out to their Illinois facility for a bid. Fancy that – I didn’t have to learn Mandarin.Forget it, I don’t have the time to go on and on. At least you didn’t bring god or the tooth fairy or into this – maybe there is still hope for you and this country yet.

  • posted at 4:04 am on Wed, Dec 9, 2009.


    A shinning example of our downfall. First we don’t make anything anymore.. We have lost the edge in technology (education the root cause) we have priced ourselves out of the competition. Sorry people wages are to high, management bonuses are obscene. We don’tget a bang for the buck. A glairing example, My new laptop computer( for my Grand daughter at Elkhorn) every last thing on that computer is an American invention and theonly thing made here was the processor and day by day their manufacture is being shipped off shore.. So you can lay blame on the politicians, Big business or some hair brained idea that a phantom group controls every thing and we own nothing or lay the blame where itbelongs right at the feet of John Q Public… Look in the mirror and put the blame where itBelongs…

  • posted at 2:45 am on Wed, Dec 9, 2009.


    This quote by Theodore Roosevelt is almost word for word what is wrong with AmericaToday. We have succumbed to our success. Like the Burger King add “ I want it my wayAnd I want it now”!!!! The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life. Theodore Roosevelt

  • posted at 2:01 am on Mon, Dec 7, 2009.


    question:Did not the government notify us that we do not actually own the property? Right on our so-called "title," it says that we are tenants.If we are tenants, then who is the landlord?

  • posted at 2:00 am on Mon, Dec 7, 2009.


    In fascism, the government owns everything (as documented in 1933 HJR 192),and the government inspires its citizens to believe that they own it (by issuance of certificates of titles of ownership).Question: On real property, what kind of title is it?What's an alloidal (allodial?) title, and how do we get it?

  • posted at 4:47 pm on Sun, Dec 6, 2009.


    Oskar Johanson: [You got that FDR stole the gold and silver, but you didn't realize that this was where America became fascist.]Guess what! America became fascist in 1933, as documented within House Joint Resolution 192 (1933).How can American's own any property if they can't buy it with currency that is backed by any substance?

  • posted at 11:38 pm on Fri, Dec 4, 2009.


    I never considered myself a liberal, however, I did 'think' I was a democrat for a long time. I have obama to thank for my conversion in the direction of conservatism. The more I studied him, the more I found out about how liberalism is going to be the death to America as we once knew it. Conservatives want limited government to allow the people to have maximum liberty and freedom. Liberals want to maximize the size of government, which will with out a doubt reduce our liberties and freedom.

  • posted at 11:32 pm on Fri, Dec 4, 2009.


    Jerome, I have been closely following obama since Feb. of 2008. I am registered democrat. I was actually 'pulling' for obama as he was emerging in the democratic primaries. Then, Bill Ayers came into view. Next, Rev. Wright came into view. So I stepped back and started to really look at him a little closer. Next, michelle obama proclaims 'For the first time in my life, I am proud of America'. During the spring and summer of 2008, I started reading and researching more of his past. By the time election day came, this guy already had me terrified about what could possibly be if he were to get elected. Now he has been around for one year and more people are starting to see in this guy what I saw coming over a year ago. My dislike for him is based on studying him and his philosophies for a year and a half. The info is out there in abundance if you choose to take the blinders off.

  • posted at 3:00 pm on Fri, Dec 4, 2009.


    I've got a big problem with this idea that the government is in place to "control" the population. That is not what the framers had in mind as they drafted the Constitution. One of the first things I learned in elementary school civics classes was that the Constitution enumerates restrictions upon the government, not upon the people.They never envisioned this type of socialist takeover of private concerns. The Obama administration, along with an ultra-liberal Congress, is bent on fundamentally changing the United States. He wasn't kidding when he made that proclamation last November - I just don't think too many citizens thought that his true idea of "change" would be so radical and anti-American.I suspected something was very wrong then; and now we all should know that we're in very big trouble indeed.

  • posted at 9:20 am on Fri, Dec 4, 2009.


    voter wrote "Rhodie, most of the great empires collapsed because they conquered areas too large for their limited government to control. There were not enough troops to secure vast borders and squelch uprisings in far flung states."So let's see, one could interpret this as meaning that governments with too large of diversity can't survive (like the US is now) or that we need a more aggressive military presence in the US (more reason to bring the troops home). (just joking, a little)

  • posted at 8:54 am on Fri, Dec 4, 2009.


    jbhiker - what is your point regarding the other letter submitted by Oskar Johanson? That letter reveals a man who not only served his nation proudly and honorably, but has seen far more than any of us could ever imagine in our worst nightmares.Since your original post (which apparently was deleted) was not favorable toward him. Was your latest post a sort of mea culpa? But in answer to your question, "Why didn't YOU do something about it instead of crying and lip service?" I would answer that he has apparently done enough. But even as you also admitted seeing him at City Council meetings, does that not also reflect a man who is concerned about what goes on in his own community that would have him attend these meetings and possibly voice his opinions about what our leaders are doing? I doubt too many Lodians have ever seen the inside of the City Council Chamber.I simply don't understand where you are coming from regarding this man.

  • posted at 8:53 am on Fri, Dec 4, 2009.


    Rhodie, most of the great empires collapsed because they conquered areas too large for their limited government to control. There were not enough troops to secure vast borders and squelch uprisings in far flung states.

  • posted at 7:33 am on Fri, Dec 4, 2009.


    Here is more about Mr Johanson:http://www.lodinews.com/articles/2009/11/11/opinion/letters/ltr_johanson_091111.txtI have seen him at the City Council meetings too.

  • posted at 6:21 am on Fri, Dec 4, 2009.


    Look through out history and see just how many great civilizations fell because the government got to big to properly manage all the programs and people as one. The best way for a government to survive the test of time is for it to deliberately stay as small (unobtrusive) in it's people's lives as possible. It is like making pottery. The more you work with the piece the more likely it is to crumble apart. Instead you make small, deliberate motions, guiding it to be what you want but not over manipulating. I'm too young to remember many presidencies and only really started to pay attention with Clinton, but it seems to me that the government has been on a long slow march towards over manipulating for a while (didn't start with this president, or Bush, or Clinton, not sure who it really started with). Unfortunately, now all the manipulating is starting to cause the first signs of catastrophic failure, economic unrest, civilian resentment towards leadership, isolation and growth of fringe elements. There will come a time when the mess needs to be smashed and started over.

  • posted at 4:41 am on Fri, Dec 4, 2009.


    What you need to understand is that govt is a living entity that has an inherent need to grow; It doesn't matter what form it might take ( socialism, fascism, or republicanism ) it will always seek to grow. The good news for us, however, is that once a tipping point is reached -- which is just about now -- the states united, through the constitution, can reject unlawful fed governance. In other words... if the fed govt tries to reach beyond what is tolerable then free states intent on remaining free will act to secure that freedom.

  • posted at 12:38 am on Fri, Dec 4, 2009.


    iambic, my 6:40 post was meant to be funny. I don't believe in a dictatorship, which is precisely why I oppose obama and his socialist agenda. The far left liberals in this country are trying to 'fundamentally transform America' (obama's words). I, along with 80% of America, do not feel the same way as the 20% of the country that consider themselves liberal. Hence, my joke about relocating them to the socialist country of their choice.

  • posted at 11:53 pm on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    Sparky: shipping out everyone who disagrees with you is an act worthy of a dictator. Your 6:40 am post: it ain't American.

  • posted at 11:26 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    Rhodie - a similar idea was offered for the last presidential election. In fact both major candidates initially agreed to limit the money they would spend to just public funding. McCain was the only one who held to that promise. Obama, realizing that he could raise far more funds with private contributors, went back on his word. He was able to outspend McCain enormously.First, it's going to take candidates who will actually say what they'll do; and then do what they say they would. No matter who runs and how they fund it, it all comes down to the character of the candidate.

  • posted at 10:06 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    Iambic, I have no idea what you were trying to say at 8:53.

  • posted at 9:03 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    "In fact, it is those very fortunes that have them win time after time."A while back, like when I was a teen, I remember talking with some adults about how much money was spent to get elected and one guy thought it was a good idea to limit spending to what the other guy was spending. Two millionaires fighting it out go for it, but get some small business owner involved and now the richer of the canidates, the better fund raiser can still only spend what the other canidate spends. His secondary idea off of that was that all campaign funds raised but not spent should go to social charities Food shelters and such).

  • posted at 6:51 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    Oooops! My post at 12:48 p.m. was intended for a different blog. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

  • posted at 6:48 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    However, my review of the City Council Protocol Manual (thank you Ms. Creamer for the link), specifically section 3.6a does reveal a few of the "powers" of the mayor even if they are slightly more than ceremonial.As for expenditures, it's clear that only the City Council can authorize disbursement of funds in excess of $1,000.00. Still, I read nothing that would require more of the mayor than the qualifications they presented when running for City Council. Any question regarding their ability to fulfill the requirements of those positions should have been addressed during the campaign.

  • posted at 6:16 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    One problem with Rhodie's idea is that many of these career politicians have already amassed huge fortunes prior to entering into public service. In fact, it is those very fortunes that have them win time after time. And that takes me to yet another point.Most of these people are more enamored by the power that comes with the office they seek rather than the income derived by it. Considering the graft that almost naturally accompanies lengthy stays within the Beltway, most of them would probably forego their salaries because they'll get their money elsewhere (if they need it at all).We've got to find a way to make public office enticing for those who actually possess the necessary character and integrity that would make them the kinds of leaders we want and need. How to accomplish that though, is clearly the conundrum.

  • posted at 5:13 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    Back in the U.S.Back in the U.S.Back in the U.S.S.A....

  • posted at 4:29 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    I like this idea of yours, Rhodie. There would be some knock-out brawls over ideas, but it might be more akin to the pulse of the people.

  • posted at 3:50 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    "perhaps the system could be bettered somehow. But don't ask me how--I haven't figured this one out yet."I've said it before and I'll say it many times again. The best way to fix this country is for the elected officials to make the average income of the people they represent. This will do two things, first is it will get career politicians out of government since there wouldn't be any money in it and second we would hopefully get people who are more concerned about the nation than the next election.

  • posted at 3:39 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    jbhiker wrote, "Hey Oskar...WAHHHHH!!! – you (sic) been here longer than most of us. Why didn't YOU do something about it instead of crying and lip service?"I would think writing to a newspaper to offer his opinions certainly is "doing something about it." Furthermore, while you (jbhiker) may have "...worked all [your] life for change to what's right without taking a government-paid retirement," how do you know Mr. Johanson didn't do the same? Your disparaging remark about taking a government-paid retirement makes no sense. Most of us involuntarily paid into one such retirement plan (Social Security) for the majority of our lives. Are you suggesting that we should forfeit the proceeds from that plan simply because it comes from the government? That's nonsense. Against our will they forged a deal with us - and I for one will not let them slide.

  • posted at 3:37 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    Perhaps, Rhodie, what you point to is a way that America can be made better. As a lefty (politically), I recall feeling this way many times under Bush II. While the opposition is always going to squirm against who is currently in power, perhaps the system could be bettered somehow. But don't ask me how--I haven't figured this one out yet. Until then we'll take our turns squirming, I guess.

  • posted at 3:18 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    "This dialog and hope that what is already great can be made better is what makes America wonderful."Where is this sediment when it comes to healthcare. A majority of the country is being told what we want doesn't matter, that dialog is moot and we should just accept what Obama wants for us without question.No one is saying we don't need healthcare reform, those on the right just don't see a need to burn the house down to fix the plumbing.

  • posted at 2:53 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    So Sparky, you want a one-minded government with no dialog about how to improve as a nation? That "love it or leave it" crap doesn't work--it isn't even American. If we're going to succeed, we need multiple points of view. This dialog and hope that what is already great can be made better is what makes America wonderful. You want something handed to you without working for it.

  • posted at 1:39 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    wow jb - doesn't the UNION venerate the old timers. How did you slip off the rail. I mean come on in the UNION it's not about how good you are it's all about how long you've been there.As far as what you have done for the country. Hmm you were in a union so you contributed to the decline of the country. Thanks alot - the debate is over, we know what you have done to the country.

  • posted at 1:37 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    Boeing is still in the U.S.!!!

  • posted at 1:29 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    Well Sparky - what have YOU done besides imitate the College Dropout Rush Limbow?

  • posted at 1:13 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    Oskar makes some good points. However, the USA has always been a Republic steeped in Democracy. I can see his point that he doesn't want the USA to be a socialist country. It's true no one wants a true Republic. We also don't want a true Democracy. A combination of both is what makes the USA so unique. And it works to boot. :)

  • posted at 12:57 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    jbhiker, you know nothing about Mr. Johanson, yet you go on a rant about what he 'has or hasn't' done in 85 years of life. He simply wrote a letter to express his opinions, and you disrespect him by calling him childish names. Your character is shining though. My opinion, if you disagree with a letter that is written, you are more respected if you engage in conversation about the issues written, not attacking the writer personally (especially when he is 85 years old).

  • posted at 12:40 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    I have a great idea for the next stimulus package. It will be the LAST one we will need and only cost Americans $60 billion dollars.20% of Americans consider themselves liberal (60 million people). Give each one of them $1000 for a one-way ticket and misc. moving expenses to the socialist country of their choice. That will create jobs.That will ease the strain on our healthcare services.That will allow liberals to live in socialism right now without having to do all of that work to 'fundamentally transform America'.That will allow liberals to start being happy, and not p***** off at America all day long.And MOST importantly, the Americans that believe in freedom and liberty can have their country back.

  • posted at 12:28 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    I have heard 'socialist' and 'communist' and 'bigger government' more this year than all of the other years I have lived. Why is that? America, you need to wake up fast! We are truly heading towards a socialist society. Don't take it from me, look around. Open your eyes and ears and simply pay attention to the words and actions from obama and the congress. You can choose to ignore it. But why would you? This is America, not Europe. If you want to live in a socialized nation, go find one. Stop trying to change America.

  • posted at 12:18 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.


    Unfortunatly Oskar,The pioneers that stood up the British Empire and FOUGHT for independence have been replace by a bunch of whining children who never want to grow up and want the government to take care of them forever. They will be along shortly to comment. There was a reason this country was not designed to be a true democracy the founder and everyone else recognized it as MOB rule and what the result would be. There is also a reason why originally only those that had proverbial skin in the game were allowed to vote. When you let the welfare queen or college student vote you are going to increase the level of social programs at the expense of individual freedom. Weep sweet America, you were a great country now you are heading down to the dustbin of history.


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