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America doesn't want a Republic

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Posted: Thursday, December 3, 2009 12:00 am

Newsweek cover of Feb. 16 stated we are all socialists now.

In Europe, communists often say we are economic democrats (USSR — Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, now Russia). I guess we had better change USA to USSA.

I am looking at age 85, but remember what the top Communist here in the west under Gus Hall said to me while I was in my 20s. He said to me that the people of the USA will become socialists slowly, not even knowing it. Reason: wanting more government, wanting something free. The thought is that if you get it from the government, it is free. The promise of the era of big government.

The true belief of democracy: Everyone does what they want. The people don't want a true republic; Social Security is not a private-monitored plan, but rather a government plan that could be robbed — as with socialized medicine, government-owned railroads, auto companies, banks and brokerage houses. No money is backed by gold or silver, and paper is backed by homes. Money is worthless; the more you print, the less is the worth.

Caterpillar started in Stockton; now it's only in China. Boeing Aircraft, too.

Precious metal — gold, coin, bullion — taken under FDR. This president's administration ordered all safe deposit boxes searched, and sentenced you to prison if you didn't turn it in. Federal Reserve notes replaced silver certificates. The last silver was sold to India. This current president stated he would do like FDR did.

Perhaps WWIII will be sooner than I think. I wait for replies from socialist eco-democrats and would-be communists. I cry for this country I love.

Oskar Johanson


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