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Have we entered the 'Twilight Zone'?

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Posted: Sunday, May 17, 2009 10:00 pm

As I read and observe the society we are currently watching evolve, I am torn between fervent prayer for my country and a desire to sit back, light up a cigar and watch the proceedings with bemusement.

Did I somehow take a wrong turn and wind up in some version of Rod Serlings' "Twilight Zone" human zoo?

We have just begun an administration headed by the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon the American people, all with the sycophantic and slavish spoon feeding of the masses by the media. If you read "Brave New World" or the novel "1984," it will become clear that we have moved into the time of "doublespeak."

How else do you explain a massive, unrepayable deficit spending spree as an "investment" in some or other government program; or the convoluted arguments used to justify the breaking of our countries laws by illegal alien hordes - yes folks, that was illegal aliens; or the explanation that to be considered a "nice" country of fools, we are going to release crazed, radical Islamic terrorist killers out of Guantanamo directly into our streets? Hell yes! I'm sure that once they stop into a local Starbucks and sample the good vibes, they will certainly change their ways.

I can feel the collective siphoning of our national IQ every time I read an article that describes someone stepping in front of a train as if the damn thing was going to stop because it might "dis" the person, and then suffer the inane suggestions that we fence off all the railroad tracks. The fact that I have children who I want to see and enjoy the country that I have known will keep me in prayer and battle-ready to fight the snuffing of common sense descending over us all. I guess the cigars will have to wait.

Ron Yacopetti


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