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Everything is Rush Limbaugh’s fault

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Posted: Saturday, March 31, 2012 12:00 am

Not long ago, a dear old lady scolded the Republican presidential candidates through your paper for not talking about the so-called contraceptive issue. She found it "appalling" that they didn't.

The reason they didn't is it's not an issue. Most any female can get contraceptives for free, plus some worthless advice.

What I find "appalling" is our boy king Obama apparently believes he can remain in the spotlight by creating an issue out of a non-issue simply by talking about it to the media lemmings.

My first thought: Where was all the righteous indignation that should've come from all those who claim to support the separation of church and state (not a stretch, think about it)? Can it be that there are people in our country who are so out of touch with reality they can be easily swayed by an expert in smoke and mirrors?

My mother would've said, "Someone should tell his mother what he's doing." Frankly, I would, but where is she living now? Is it still Hawaii, or was that Chicago?

Now you're probably thinking I've got it all wrong. It's not just because he's become bored with playing president (after all, the fun was in running for office). And it's not that he's tired of playing king, is it?

Oh, I know. It's not his fault. As one of the letter writers pointed out just the other day — it's Rush Limbaugh's fault! Of course. Now why didn't I think of that?

It's Rush Limbaugh's fault that Obama and his ruling clique of 46 "czars" are regularly (defiling) our once-hallowed Constitution. And Obama isn't lying when he says he wants us poor common folk to have jobs. That's why he's sending his muppets in the Department of Justice to sue Boeing for trying to set up another plant. And that's why he vetoed the pipeline that could have created thousands of jobs. Well, darn that Rush Limbaugh.

Hurrah for jobs though. Just if I could talk my family into moving to Washington, D.C.; or better yet, maybe I could get a job as a teacher's union representative.

Don Van Noy


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