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Government as usual

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Posted: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 12:00 am

A few years ago, this could have been a joke; now, it could be reality.

Regarding Measure C: Now government could tax our H20. We, who pay for government policies and all their great ideas, deserve better! Unfortunately, politics play out the same whether on the big stage with Obamacare and bank bailouts, or here on a small stage of Measure C H2O tax.

Government continues to deal in half-truths, spin and scare tactics. Do they not realize the money could some day run out? Measure C is measuring up to be just government as usual. The supporters who champion this cause do so at little cost to themselves or they stand to benefit greatly from it at others' expense.

Let's look at their talking points and dismantle them:

1. "Keep control of local groundwater": A bigger government agency can take the water any time or any way if they desire, and we will still be paying the water tax.

2. "Extend wet year water district system": Yes, extend it to the farmers in the southern portion of the NSJWCD at the expense of homeowners and landowners to the north, who will see no benefits.

3. "Replenish groundwater levels": Nature does so via snow pack and spring water run-off in the mountains.

4. "Preserve our groundwater supplies": Yes, a great idea, if it is even possible; many agree it is not. But, one has to think surely we have enough government and pay enough taxes to already achieve this?

Measure C supporters state more water, less government, no taxes. Again, it's unfortunate that government cannot be for forthright. They want to achieve all that they list and more, and will do this with less government and new taxes? This measure should be defeated on this nonsense alone.

From the largest farm to the smallest homeowner, we will all be paying more; unless we vote "no," they will never stop taxing more and legislating more.

Government conjures up lofty noble ideals, champions the cause, misleads the public, pats themselves on the back and then has someone else pay the price!

Let's stand up against bad policy and more government as usual.

Jackson Morehead


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