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Letter: U.S. should not assist Muslim Brotherhood

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Posted: Thursday, September 12, 2013 12:00 am

Before we declare war on Syria, we should know who and what our enemy is. Muslims are ruled by a totalitarian theocratic political and military system, established in and governed by Shariah law. This theocracy’s stated constitution is its holy books, the Quran and Hadiths.

Islam, like all religions, is comprised of various factions and schools of thought. These denominations share the foundation and common thread of these holy writings, with very few interpretational differences.

There is a dominate group of adherents in this system, the Muslim Brotherhood, that strives toward the common goal of a united Islam (caliphate) governed by Shariah law.

This being said, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, there was a violent rebellion in Syria that escalated into uprisings in all Syrian cities. The Syrian dictator then was Hafez Assad (father of Bashar al Assad), who brutally squashed the rebellion at the city of Hama, where many thousand Syrians died and the Brotherhood was decisively defeated. This “Hama Massacre” is a festering sore to the MB, and speaks to the fact that the Brotherhood is still in the forefront of this recent Syrian civil war, even after some 30 years of being defeated by Hafez Assad. This also shows the remarkable patience, staying power and resilience of the MB and its message — one of fanatical hatred and ambitious greed for power.

The Muslim world, in a constant state of flux for unification under Shariah law and pregnant with a caliphate whose birth is imminent if not already a reality, has proved itself a worthy adversary. It has proven itself committed and cunning, fanatical and insidious, slow and steady, extreme and undermining, patient and phased with an effective excrementalist strategy of gradualist tactics, stealth and subterfuge all summed up by the Muslim proverb, “Me against my brother, me and brother against our cousins, me, my brother and our cousins against the world.”

It’s all about the Muslim Brotherhood and Khilafah. The West should not aid nor abet the Brotherhood.

William Van Amber Fields


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