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Fed up with self-serving politicians

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Posted: Saturday, November 3, 2012 12:00 am

We have all seen and heard many ads from these ruthless politicians who have made careers of lying and misleading the voters by using the "13 Techniques of Truth Suppression." They are "masters of deceit."

If "we the people" intend to take back our country, now is the right time — before our beloved country is completely destroyed. The current administration, with a Congress that obviously has the same agenda since every "Democrat" has followed the Obama agenda without any attempt to restrict his "power grab" via the 923 Executive Orders — with help of Republicans — has issued more than three times the Executive Orders in less than four years than all other presidents in the history of America. Elected officials have failed America by not abiding by their Oath of Office.

Recently, Congressman McNerney held a "workshop" to inform seniors on ways to protect themselves from the scams aimed at them. It was pure Democratic Party re-election propaganda. What he failed to say was that he supported and voted for the Obamacare law that nullifies all that he bragged about doing for the seniors and other citizens. He also failed to say a word about the "death panels" and all the medical care that will be denied to seniors and others contained in this law.

In a letter on Sept. 6, he informed me that he is committed to supporting this ill-conceived law. This law places a 3.8 percent sales tax on the sale of your home beginning next year, among other taxes, to pay for Obamacare. Why did Congress exempt themselves from this law? You decide!

We must remove those that supported this law, beginning with Obama, Sen. Feinstein, Rep. McNerney and all Democrats. I suggest we all vote Mitt Romney — President, Elizabeth Emken — Senator, Ricky Gill — Congress, and any other person who is not a Democrat.

Remember, "past behavior will dictate future performances." All Democrats have failed America and "we the people!"

Martin L. Church


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