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More could have been done for those whose car was impounded

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Posted: Saturday, April 2, 2011 12:00 am

In the past, I heard and defended accusations about the Lodi Police Department. The headline on March 19, 2011, "Critics say costs, impounded cars aren't worth modest number of DUI arrests at checkpoints" I will address; although not being the only situation that has passed by my attention. I am very disappointed in the LPD.

The good citizens of Lodi wish to believe our LPD places serving people first. Are we, the reader, to believe that what we read was a onetime "slip-up?" Certainly not, the LPD officers are humans too.

At least one out of 10-plus officers should have been aware of serving the two people in their presence (Miss Moreno and her boyfriend). They should have been offered a phone call or have been driven home. If they had encountered a situation while walking like we often read about, that could have been the headline, and we would have read about something worse.

LPD, please serve the people that you select to confront when they are in your presence. With all your training how could 10-plus officers not be aware that the people of the impounded car needed help? Was perhaps finding a DUI and another licensing problem considered more important?

What really is COTS? Does it dictate how our officers must think, and have our officers arrived at a position where they cannot do what is just simply right? Would the outcome have been the same if that situation would have been a LPD family member? The people of Lodi are LPD officers' family.

Whoever was in charge of that incident should have issued a citation, and someone should have driven them to their destination since the same would extended to the suspected DUI person. Would that require another officer for that service? What about using a Lodi Police Partner volunteer for that ride? I question the number of officers assigned for a checkpoint. Seems like a job overtime benefit for our officers.

Don Sommerfeld


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