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Letter: Leftist thug tactics are equivalent to bullying

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Posted: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 12:00 am

We don’t hate gays, we who defend marriage. We know and appreciate gays, work with them and respect them. But we do hate the left’s thug tactics — the lies, malice, false stereotyping, defamation, religious intolerance, blacklisting, intimidation and extortion that Deborah Goni supported in her recent letter attacking Pastor Frank Nolton.

Brendan Eich was indeed hounded out of the business. He had routinely hired and promoted gays, treating them with dignity. But the intolerant left’s extortion campaign over his 2008 Proposition 8 donation forced his recent resignation. Intimidation is a well-worn tactic of the left. I know businessmen right here in Lodi reluctant to support conservative political campaigns for fear of retaliation from Democrat office holders.

“Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson was indeed bullied and censored by intolerant leftists over his personal views, made off the set — views no more “vile” than those made daily, live on TV, by Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg. The left does not tolerate free religious speech, but applauds any hate speech aimed at Christians and Jews.

The left’s attack on Chick-fil-A was indeed, admittedly so, a salvo aimed against Dan Cathy’s donations to pro-family organizations, not because he runs “a restaurant that wants to segregate” as Deborah charged. Chick-fil-A hires gays and cheerfully serves gay customers without segregation.

Support for marriage is not an attack on human rights. It’s vastly different. In every state, gays can and do have their weddings. They are free to pledge their love and live together for life. Indeed, commitment can be beneficial. But most News-Sentinel readers recognize that a husband and wife family unit is not equivalent to roommates in an intimate relationship. And it is bad law that recognizes no pertinent difference. Family law has been carefully developed, legislated and adjudicated with popular consent for hundreds of years. We just don’t like changing good law by a wholesale, ill-considered, coerced and forced redefinition of marriage.

Destroying careers is cold. Extortion is not a civil sales method. Intolerance does not make good law.

Peter Stearns


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