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Real solutions for illegal immigration problem

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Posted: Sunday, May 21, 2006 10:00 pm

Bush's speech was nothing new and avoids the issues in the name of compromise. Here are some real solutions:

A. Mexicans caught by the border patrol should be put to work building a genuine 30-foot wall topped by razor wire. The National Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers can supervise.

B. All Spanish language TV and radio stations and networks should be shut down by the FCC as subversive. Spanish-language DJs were organizing the protests.

C. No Spanish language ballots. Anyone who can't read and write English has no business voting.

D. No Spanish language signs in public buildings. Same reason as before. If you can't read and write English, you have no business in a public building used by U.S. citizens.

E. Company owners who hire illegal aliens should be exiled to Mexico with their employees. If they love them so much, they should live with them.

F. No kow towing to the Spanish language. This is an English-speaking nation.

G. Exile Cheney, Bush and the Congress to Mexico. If they are caught sneaking back in, put them to work on the wall.

Winston Wallace


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