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Companies need incentives to not outsource

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Posted: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 12:00 am

I was amazed at your recent article about how members of Congress were complaining because members of our Olympic team were going to wear dress uniforms for the opening parade that were made in China.

I work in a funeral home and almost all of our urns are made in China, and Costco sells caskets that are made in China. If you buy almost anything in any store anymore, it is made in some foreign country.

About 10 years ago, Congress passed legislation that was signed into law by President Bush that actually gave American companies tax incentives to move their operations out of the USA. Many members of Congress invested in companies that outsourced jobs to other countries. That is why between 2007 and 2011 the USA lost over 8 million jobs, while our unemployment rate skyrocketed. That is why the economies in China, India, Pakistan and many other countries have improved over the last few years, while the economy in the USA seems to have been destroyed.

We now have the worst economy we have had in 80 years — since the Great Depression of the 1930s! That is another reason for all the foreclosed homes and all the empty buildings you see that used to house thriving businesses.

If Congress is so worried about our Olympic team having to wear uniforms that are made in China, they should do something to give companies tax incentives to move their jobs back to the United States, and take aggressive action to create jobs in this country that will give millions of unemployed Americans suitable, gainful employment once again. Until millions of Americans go back to work at higher-paying jobs, our economy is going to stay in the toilet, our deficits are going to continue to soar and we are going to become a third-world country.

It is time for the Democrats and Republicans to stop arguing over ideology and start working together to solve the problems we face in the United States of America!

Karl M. Welsbacher Jr.


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