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More government spending will not lead us out of a bad economy

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Posted: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 12:00 am

In the Lodi News-Sentinel on March 13, a front-page headline read "Applying for Obama health plan not easy." Many have commented on the coming disaster of "Obamacare," so I'll let this news stand alone and go to other news recently.

The drama queen that is our Doomsayer-in-Chief cut every worker's pay by 2 percent with new payroll taxes in January, yet claims a 2-percent cut in government spending will bring us Armageddon. I belong to a military family, and they've been informed that because of the sequester, tuition assistance is getting suspended, yet illegal aliens (if you don't like this term then don't come here illegally) can still receive tuition assistance. Then Saturday, Obama declares that White House tours are suspended because of this draconian cut of 2 cents on the dollar.

The White House tours are conducted by volunteers. For all those who've been educated in the government re-education camps (aka public schools) since the inception of the Department of Education by Nixon, "volunteer" means they do it for free out of their sense of love for this country. There is only one paid employee, who's in charge of these volunteers. She received a raise of over $30,000 this year. She is still on the job as of this writing. Then there are almost 40 FBI agents who watch over these tours so as no one does anything untoward. They have been reassigned to other duties — no furloughs. Everything is as it was except American citizens are barred from the people's house, which is against the law.

The same week Obama closed the tours, he threw his new Secretary of State Kerry authorization to provide aid in the amount of $250 million, 16 F-16 fighters and 200 Abrams tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. And you wonder why Israel doesn't trust Obama.

Lastly, we learned from the government's budget office that the government will take in $2.7 trillion in taxes this year — the most in our history. But the government spends $3.8 trillion, and these liberals claim we need more spending to save the economy.

Truly, the liberal mind is where logic goes to die!

Ron Portal


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