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Letter: To be fair, fireworks should only be allowed on the Fourth of July

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Posted: Thursday, July 24, 2014 12:11 am

I would like to express my wholehearted agreement with Tony Oddo’s Letter to the Editor, “There should be limits on setting off fireworks,” on July 10,  regarding the fireworks that could be heard for three weeks before July 4 and for many days after. It was an annoyance and disruption that the entire neighborhood was subjected to, shattering our nerves and the peace of the evening.

The animals in the neighborhood probably suffered the most, nervously hiding every night and feeling frightened for hours and dogs barking at each explosion for some time after. One also wonders about the veterans who suffer from PTSD. It must be a terrifying experience for them as well.

I am also concerned about the fire hazard these nightly fireworks pose, especially now that we’re suffering through a dangerous drought.

We expect to hear fireworks on the Fourth of July and can plan accordingly, but the constant, random explosions for weeks at a time are totally unacceptable. It’s improbable that the people who are doing this only want to express their patriotism and love of country. Rather, it seems that they just like to blow up things.

In the past, it was not legal to buy or set off fireworks in Lodi — all good in my mind. But to be fair, how about just doing it on the Fourth of July, as was intended? Perhaps the sale of fireworks should be limited to a day or two before the holiday. I hope the city government takes these concerns seriously.

Cindy Schmierer


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