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We need to end all needless violence


The Lodi News-Sentinel article "Making sense of Newtown," by Jennifer Bonnett, Maggie Creamer and Ross Farrow, was well done. Thank you.

Trying to make rhyme or reason of Newtown is difficult, because the only semblance of sense from this dastardly, bastardly deed comes from a biblical perspective and explanation. We live in perilous times, the beginning of travails of the last days; desperate and deceitful times evidenced by incredible immorality marked by corruption at all levels of church, state and business, stained by Godlessness, sexual perversion and fornication, unthankful, unmerciful, hedonistic corrupt and reprobate minds — murderers without natural affection.

But while we mourn and condemn these mass murders, and debate and speculate on how to stop them from happening, perhaps we should show our love and respect for life, and especially for the lives of our own children, by rejecting and ending Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood funding for the abortion murder of our precious and defenseless unborn. This would go a long way to model and imprint on the upcoming generations of their value and the esteem in which we hold them. If we are really serious about ending the violence in our land, let's start by ending the holocaust in the womb.

My dear old dad always said, "The heart of the problem is always a problem with the heart."

William Van Amber Fields