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Letter: President is putting our country at risk

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Posted: Monday, June 23, 2014 11:14 pm

In return for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, a Marine held captive for five years in Afghanistan after he left his post, President Obama released the five most dangerous Islamic terrorists at Gitmo. They are supposed to be monitored in Qatar for a year, but Qataris are already disavowing that agreement — a heavy price to pay for a deserter.

The White House and Susan Rice say he served honorably while his platoon-mates say he left them, and the White House staff have literally called them liars for saying he deserted. Subsequent searches for him also cost lives.

These terrorists should have already been tried and convicted of crimes against their people and us. I am sure Qataris have computers and cellphones they can use to plan their next attack against the U.S. and its interests. Surely a better deal could have been brokered.

Getting this Marine back was the perfect excuse for Obama to release these monsters. He’s wanted to let them go since he became president. From the beginning he’s bent over backwards trying to please Muslim nations, praising the Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt. He can’t do enough for Muslims.

He should have already been impeached, but the House of Representatives doesn’t have the courage to indict, and the Senate worships him. Shamefully, now that he can’t run for office again, he’ll do whatever he pleases, with his lawless compadre, Holder.

What kind of president puts his own country at risk?

Sonia Glick


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