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Court ruled on more than Obama’s health care law

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Posted: Saturday, August 25, 2012 12:00 am

On the very day that the "Roberts Court" announced that the Obama health care plan, with a few adaptations, could become the Law of the Land, the United States Supreme Court also issued another decision that is causing consternation. They announced that the court would not entertain any change of decisions rendered by lower courts regarding the removal of all artifacts referring to a religion from any public-owned or supported place.

The rulings, of course, are to remove the implication that as Christians we recognize and fear God who blessed us with the prosperity that caused people of other cultures and ways of living to come here and join us. Atheists aver that this is besmirching their way of living.

As officers of the government they are denying that we have any responsibility to continue to recognize that our well-being depends on "In God We Trust" being stamped on our money. Now for your dereliction and blasphemy, there are shadows of things to come. The weekend of their announcements, the country underwent major storms. As the storms' damages were being assessed — the consequences of denying our ark of safety and defying the "printed house rules" by our Creator — we were informed that we are experiencing a drought so severe that 60 percent of our crops will not be harvested.

While scoffers look at these as "natural cycles," politicians refuse to state their position on that or other real problems that only the wisdom of God can solve. Those who went through the other Depression know that it was the national series of prayer meetings that rejuvenated our systems.

There were personalities who influenced that "Back to the Bible" movement. In Los Angeles, in a tent evangelical meeting, a young Billy Graham's message so influenced era media magnate William Randolph Hearst that he assigned reporters to publicize all his activities.

It's going to take revisiting 2 Chronicles 7:14 to put our house in order.

Duane M. Linstrom Sr.


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