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It will take more than four years to fix our nation

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Posted: Tuesday, October 2, 2012 12:00 am

I've read factless letters sent into this paper warning against a worldwide takeover by the United Nations, of "birthers" insisting that President Obama is not an American citizen and that he's really a Muslim, that undocumented immigrants are overrunning the country and that a conspiracy exists in covering up the "true" nature of the 9/11 tragedy.

What is factual are the statistics that denounce the growing disparity in the distribution of wealth in our country. Examples: The Walton family of Walmart fame has acquired more wealth than the entire bottom 40 percent of the American population; the top 1 percent of American families own 41 percent of America's total wealth; and the bottom 60 percent of Americans own less than 2 percent of said wealth.

Republicans and Democrats must take responsibility for this unrelenting attack of our democratic process. The Democrats have done too little to support and strengthen America's middle class, yet the Republicans act the part of puppets for the wealthiest sector of the country. The fact is that the growth in wealth disparity is at least 30 years in the making, but has been accelerated by the depression brought on by the trillions lost fighting two unwinnable and dishonorable wars (I refer to policy here, not our loyal troops on the ground) coupled with the housing crash and financial collapse launched by the eight-year Bush presidency and Republican-controlled Congress (Bush's wars were timidly supported by Democrats, but the financial bailouts all came out of Bush's office).

It took FDR four administrations and World War II to get America out of the Great Depression; it'll take a lot more than a four-year presidency to get us out of the mess we're in and lean the country toward a solvent, nonviolent direction. As has been described, I'm hard-pressed to disagree that this presidential election is a choice between "a disaster and a catastrophe." I can say that whether or not he's a disaster or a catastrophe, given the 47 percent remarks made by and the vulgar equivocation displayed by Mr. Romney, President Obama will have my vote.

John Armenta


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