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Where are the voices of our representatives?

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Posted: Friday, February 15, 2008 10:00 pm

Recently, one of your readers mentioned some concern about the merger of Canada, the United States and Mexico into a single entity named the North American Union.

My interest was piqued, so I conducted some additional research. What I have discovered is shocking and disturbing! Not only is the merger of the three nations proceeding forward, but neither our United States Congress nor our presidential candidates have even mentioned the merger.

For those of your readers for whom this may be news, the North American Union is developing into more than an economic cooperative pact. While the citizens of America are working to close the borders to illegal immigration, a plan for open borders is being crafted in secrecy without Congressional oversight.

In addition to open borders with Canada and Mexico, there are plans to replace our currency with new currency and coinage known as the AMERO. Presumably this new currency will be introduced when the dollar has collapsed to virtual worthlessness, a lifeline if you will, extended to a terrified populace as a reasonable and viable solution to our country's economic condition.

Furthermore, the creators of this NAU may be drafting laws of governance that will replace our own United States Constitution. Whether these new laws will usurp our Bill of Rights or not is not discoverable, because all of this planning is being conducted in absolute secrecy.

The European Union attempted to replace all member nations' sovereign laws with a new EU constitution, and failed only because France and the Netherlands refused to ratify the new Euro Government. The framers of this deception were delayed, but they may succeed on the next attempt at consolidation. I mention this precedent because the North American Union is following the same formula for implementation without the input of our elected representatives.

All elected officials sworn to defend the constitution must act decisively to stop this treasonous act designed to undermine our constitution, our sovereignty and our personal liberties. Where are the voices of our representatives?

Bill Neumann


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