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Letter: Noise level from sporting events at the Grape Bowl is unacceptable

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Posted: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 10:30 pm

Suddenly, around the fall of 2011, the noise of football games at the Grape Bowl near my home became drastically louder. The horrible noise makes it impossible to entertain guests outdoors. Working in the garden is very unpleasant.

From late August to early December, the nicest time of the year, we are prisoners inside our home, with windows shut tight. It starts Friday evening and continues from morning to night on Saturday and Sunday. It’s about as loud as the train going by, if you live near the tracks. At the Kmart on Cherokee Lane, you can clearly hear the announcer bellowing into the microphone.

There is no need for such loud sound at a youth football game where a very small number of spectators watch children play. Maybe you can “tune out” other noises, like the train going by, but this is different. It’s the sound of an emotional human voice shouting into the microphone, like a drill boring into your skull.

Many of my neighbors are upset, though they are not the kind who normally carry picket signs or circulate petitions. About 20 residences are severely affected.

Jeff Hood, director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services, has done nothing to correct the problem, though he is well aware of it. I addressed the Lodi City Council in November 2013. I also met with former City Manager Rad Bartlam, who said he would try to solve the problem. If the city has made changes to the sound system since then, I have not heard about it.

Continuous, loud, uncontrollable noise does irreversible mental and physical harm, and is even used as torture. This problem will eventually blight my neighborhood. I believe the city’s actions are immoral, illegal and discriminatory. This would never happen in a “nice” neighborhood where mostly white people live. I also hold the BOBS and the high schools responsible.

For 20 years football was played there with no problem, yet Mr. Hood tells me there is no easy solution. What about “just turn it down?”

2014 city council candidates — what is your position?

Timothy Miller


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