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Boston Marathon bombing could have been handled better

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Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 12:00 am

There is not one major institution in the United States that has any integrity or is not cowardly and corrupt. The carnage in Boston has proved that.

The Boston Keystone cops were no better than the marathon bombers. It took helicopters, National Guard, ATF, Secret Service, FBI and local police to track and capture this murderous punk. Who did they think they were after — Godzilla?

Once the remaining psychopath was identified, they traumatized the entire Boston community, enacting a complete lockdown, threatening citizens with arrest if they didn't comply. When they located him hiding, weak and bleeding in a boat, first they filled the boat with bullet holes and shock grenades, then used their government issued cop toys (infra-red cameras and a robot) before plucking him out of the boat. Some heroes.

Meanwhile the lying, sensationalizing news media reported there was a gun battle between him and law enforcement. Bull. No gun or other weapon has been reported to have been found in or around the boat, according to local police chief (on his weekend new media rounds); only the law was shooting. Where was the real, truthful reporting?

Unless government used this tragedy to successfully test martial law, it definitely sent a signal to real extremists abroad how vulnerable we are. All they would have to do is send two or three professional operatives to every major city, simultaneously repeat the carnage and the entire nation would implode.

In better days when men were real men adorned with the law enforcement badge, this incident would have been take care of with just a fraction of personnel and with little fanfare, and honest media reporting.

Shame on you, Boston; your police department is a disgrace.

Adam Dados


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