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Christians and Muslims are at war, whether we admit it or not

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Posted: Saturday, May 11, 2013 12:00 am

During a recent BBC News interview, a retired U.S. general was asked if he felt the U.S. is still at war and with whom. His answer hurt: "Yes, and it's a war we, our kids and grandkids will not see the end of."

My dad would have said, "I've met the enemy and he is me," and the sad truth is our worst enemy is now us.

We are in a war, a religious war between Islam and Judeo-Christianity. It's ongoing since 680 A.D. We can call it what we will — war on terror, Shoa II, World War III — but it is a religious war with Islam, and if you don't agree why is it only Muslims are attacking and killing us?

This is a war that has taken centuries to invade and colonize our shores but it's here now. It's a war of world domination — theocratic, religious and Shariah rule.

If we want to understand what makes each other tick, we only need to understand each other's religion and holy writing. Christians and Jews have Holy Scriptures, Muslims have the Quran and Hindus and Buddhists have the Upanishads, etc. To understand what adherents think and are motivated by, we must see what their "holy books" teach.

As a Christian, the Holy Bible is the word and will of God for me. It's what motivates my values, my world view and my frame of mind. The Quran does the same thing for Muslims. Muslims claim Islam is a religion of peace, but their turmoil and tumult, murder and mayhem throughout the entire globe doesn't support those claims.

The Muslim community throws the term "Islamaphobe" at all who don't agree with them, but it's Muslims themselves who are Islamaphobes. The term "spoiled rotten brats" better describes the Muslim offensive, over-exaggerated defensive attitude and violent behavior toward anyone or anything critical of Islam or supportive of Israel.

As a Christian, my personal view of this farce is summed up in holy scriptures where it is written, "there is no condemnation of them which are in Jesus Christ who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit." If this is true, all unbelievers in Christ as God incarnate are condemned by unbelief. It would certainly explain the hate and murder committed in the name of "a god."

William Van Amber Fields


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