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Letter: Ted Nugent, racism and name-calling

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Posted: Saturday, April 5, 2014 12:00 am

I appreciated Gary Maurer’s recent letter regarding the “racist rants” of so-called rocker Ted Nugent — Vietnam draft dodger and darling of Republican Party candidates who wish to attract the species of voters that endorse his breed of bottom-dweller. In case you didn’t catch the letter, Nugent was quoted as saying that President Obama is “a sub-human mongrel.”

As could be predicted, Mr. Maurer’s letter brought a couple of our local bottom-dwellers racing to the surface. One commented online: “Right you are, M. Mauer. Ted Nugent owes a sincere apology to all of the mongrels in America.” Another raced to his dictionary to prove that Ted Nugent was correct in calling the President of the United States a mongrel, commenting: “According to Merriam-webster (sic) President Obama is a mongrel. Does that make Merriam-webster racist? Who else thinks President Obama is a mongrel?” denotes the use of “mongrel” to describe a person of mixed race as “taboo,” “something that is deemed unacceptable to society.”

But these comments are not new to those who regularly post or read comments online on the LNS website. I have found that so-called “conservative,” or more properly “right-wing,” individuals make a habit of name-calling those with whom they disagree. Just a sample of what our president is called in letters and comments: “Dear Leader” — a comparison to North Korea’s sociopathic leader. Then there is “President Pinocchio,” “Liar in Chief,” “King Obama” and “Imperial President” — a Fox News favorite used by our locals — and the often-used comparisons to Stalin, Hitler, Castro, etc.

Next come the ridiculously juvenile “name modifications”: “Obummer,” “Oblamo,” “Rachel MadCow.” You would think these individuals were residents of a local kindergarten playground.

What I find most despicable about these characters, though, is their constant use of denigrating labels for their fellow citizens of Lodi with a more left-leaning viewpoint. Some favorites used often are “mentally oblivious morons,” “Obamanoids,” “those with minds of mush, or willfully ignorant,” “Libtards,” “Liberal lemmings.”

Oh, and all the above supported by the Lodi News-Sentinel editorial staff in violation of their own rules.

Joanne Bobin


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