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Bush should be impeached

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Posted: Thursday, October 26, 2006 10:00 pm

I have always maintained that one drop of oil in the Middle East was not worth one drop of American blood.

I still feel that way, only now it's way more than one drop of American blood - our young people are being used as clay pigeons. Our young troops are caught in the middle of a civil war and go out each day wondering if they will ever see home again.

And for what? Our military leaders say, when the Iraqis step up, our troops will step down - that is laughable. In our wars, we were given six weeks basic training. If you didn't get it, you had to learn on the job. Our government just does not understand the Arab culture and will never find out what makes them tick.

Everyone now knows that Iraq was no threat to the United States - a little country, mostly desert, with only 22 million people, but with a lot of oil. That's why we are there. True Mr. Cheney? Bush wanted to introduce democracy to those people. But it seems to me, no matter how much of a tyrant Saddam Hussein was, the people settled for their lot and want us out. Bush says some want us to cut and run, but he says, he will stay the course as long as he is president - he may as well have added, no matter how many casualties we have. Bush puts me in mind of George Patten - his guts, their blood.

What hypocrites we are. We have all of our allies loaded with rockets and nuclear warheads, including Israel. The Arab League knows that. We never interfered before with many of the Far East nations developing nuclear capabilities because we wanted them for allies. So it's my opinion that each sovereign nation should do what it wants.

In the cold war with Russia, we faced each other, knowing that if they ever let go, it would be the end of the world - thus no nuclear war. The same is true with North Korea and Iran. They know what's involved. Then bring all our troops from around the world, leave only our consuls, our diplomats all around the world. When you figure what this debacle has cost us, Bush should be impeached.

Walter White


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