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Let's give God a break

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Posted: Monday, August 24, 2009 10:00 pm

Since religion is for people who want something, I think people should just give God a break and quit praying for so much.

After all, God is really looking old and cranky in his pictures and must be tired of being bothered all the time. He has been spending a fortune lately on all the demands and has to be running out of money. I don't think He can afford the expenses of keeping everyone happy.

First, He has to spend a fortune keeping Heaven clean and up to date. Think of the maintenance and redecorating every million years. Think of all the new carpet. He has to support all the preachers and their TV shows. Now He has to support their kids who take over their churches. He has to build giant churches as big as football arenas. Whenever a preacher's wife pulls into a parking lot, He has to drop everything and go find her a parking space. Whenever someone gives seed money to some TV preacher, He has to see that they win the lottery or inherit money from some aunt. The demands are endless.

Lately God has had to finance wars on the evil empires with trillions of dollars; all this and give tax breaks to the rich. He had to bail out the stock market, the real estate market, big banks and insurance companies. There has to be a limit on His charity.

The Lodi City Council has been praying for help so they won't make so many dumb mistakes. God knows they need the help, but I think they should just leave Him alone. He has enough to do at church on Wednesday night. The churches keep Him busy on weekends too, and He took a day off even when he made the earth.

About prayers: Government has no business conducting religious services. This is what established churches do. Government has no business declaring Lodi Christian and praying Christian prayers in front of our Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and other neighbors.

My proposal: The Census says that California's largest church is Roman Catholic. We should say a few "Hail Mary" before the City Council meetings and then the non-Catholics would finally understand what it feels like to be insulted every week.

Let's give our neighborhood and God a break.

Larry Bradfield


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