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Americans need to wake up

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Posted: Thursday, September 25, 2008 10:00 pm

In America, our lack of moral values have put us at a critical crossroad.

We cannot have moral values if they are based on each individual's whims and judgment. They have to be based on the belief that there are absolute standards against which moral questions can be judged. This belief gets in the way of liberals who advocate gay marriage and abortion on demand for teenagers without parental consent.

Their belief in moral relativism has got us to the place we are today - the idea that moral truths are relative to social, cultural and personal references. That kind of thinking and belief has led us down the pathway to gay marriage, pornography and cultural corruption in ways that many of us find hard to understand.

What can we do? We must wake up immediately! Most of us have been asleep for a long time. We are so busy living and working in our own world we have allowed this to happen. We must take time to speak out and vote for those with our Christian values, for those who would uphold our traditions; take the time to make a phone call to the politicians; send an e-mail or write a letter to our representatives at the state and federal level; and to make our views known.

Remember, politicians work for us. We pay their wages with our hard-earned money. Our taxes allow them to live a privileged life and to have a super retirement system. We must wake up and realize that fact. Let us remember, we get the government we deserve. That is why we are at the crossroad today. Too many of us have not been involved enough or cared enough to elect those who could have led us down a better road.

The election of our lifetime will be held Nov. 4. I believe one of these candidates will lead us into a wilderness that not even Moses could find his way out of. I pray that the God of Abraham and Moses will give us the wisdom, courage and determination to show us the way and never let any politician lead us down the wrong path.

Winston Wallace


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