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Don’t judge based on appearances


On Feb. 8, while sitting in the turn lane on Kettleman and Church and waiting for my son to bring me gas after running out, I was approached by two men offering to help push me off the road. My vehicle is old and pretty heavy, but they were able to push my car into the parking lot nearby. They said, "God bless," and left.

I was thinking about how we often judge people, and we shouldn't. These two men were Hispanic and had tattoos, and people might often judge them for no reason but for their appearance.

I would like to thank them, and just tell people that we shouldn't be so quick to judge. People are all different: short, tall, skinny, fat, different color skin and different dress.

This came just a week after losing my wallet, and having people have a field day with using my cards to buy themselves all sorts of things, so these two men just brought me back to the fact that there are good people out there, too. I will make sure to "pay it forward!" Thank you!

Julie Edsell