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Letter: Why is the president ignoring the health and safety of U.S. citizens?

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Posted: Thursday, July 17, 2014 6:31 am

It’s been reported on Fox News that many of the illegal mothers, children and teens from Central America are presenting signs of tuberculosis such as spitting blood, coughing, chest pain, etc., as well as measles, chicken pox, at least one case of MRSA and lice that can be seen freely crawling on them.

Some have been shipped to Lackland, others to San Diego. Homeland Security, the department that is supposed to be protecting our homeland, has been busing them unannounced into communities and dropping them. Some have already been released into the public with a three-week notice to appear in court. Not likely.

Reports have come from health workers that they have been threatened with prosecution should word of these various illnesses be leaked to the public. Shameful.

What about the safety of our own people? If you’re going to let these people come freely into the country instead of protecting our borders, why weren’t provisions made to quarantine and treat the sick until it is safe to move them? Obama is not going to follow current immigration laws. He makes up his own as he goes along. Guess who’s going to pay for all the medical care, food, clothing, housing, education, legal fees, etc.?

I’m not against immigration. My ancestors were legal immigrants. I’m against illegal immigration and a president who hates this country and wants to destroy it. If Americans don’t start speaking out and standing up for this country, we deserve what we end up getting.

Sonia F. Glick


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