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Republican principles did not cause recent financial crash

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Posted: Saturday, October 27, 2012 12:00 am

In response to Mr. Lucas' letter, "A modest proposal" on Oct. 13, I would first like to say "welcome to the arena of friendly argument and funny insults." However moot the issue may be, Mr. Lucas' only retort to my comment about the stock market crash of '29 was to repeat that Republicans held the White House prior to the crash. This is not an argument. Its like saying there were sunny skies for a week before the earthquake, thus sunny skies caused the earthquake. (Note: Earthquakes are not caused by sunny skies.)

I would like to argue the issue, but there is absolutely zero issue to argue. No one believes (much less can list) any conservative principles that are alleged to have caused the crash. I note Mr. Lucas makes no response to my statement that the Bush administration repeatedly tried to address the mortgage crisis but was stymied by liberal Congressmen and Senators — Republican principles did not cause our recent financial crash, but Democratic ones did.

Incredibly, Mr. Lucas thinks that "Clinton's" economic boom was the result of Obama-like policies. One need only read to remind us of how Clinton did an about-turn after two years of failure; an about-turn that embraced conservative principles. Yet now, even the immoral Clinton and his wife blather on that spending (couched as "investment") is the cure for over-spending.

Liberals and facts are like the Taliban and hygiene.

John Herrick


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