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Science, not religion, will allow our world to flourish

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Posted: Wednesday, June 5, 2013 12:00 am

Once upon a time there were two civilizations that were exactly the same at opposite ends of the universe. They had the same exact history up until one moment.

In one, the most powerful nation was taken over by a faction that believed God would destroy the Earth because of abortion even though their religious texts said nothing about it. They also believed that the wealthy and corporations should pay little in taxes. They did not believe in science and scoffed at the scientists’ warnings of climate change and overpopulation. Governments were hamstrung by lack of funds and were unable to solve any problems. In a very short time, because of the effects of the scientists’ warnings, the world descended into chaos, and an ecological disaster coupled with wars over resources ended the earth’s ability to support human life and human life ended.

In the other, the most powerful nation was taken over by a faction that believed God had given humans brains and meant for them to use them. They believed in science. They raised taxes on the wealthy and corporations and used that money to put millions of people to work creating green energy. They used their ingenuity to figure out ways to reverse the effects of climate change. They understood that they were part of the earth, and for them to survive they had to obey the laws that the maker of the universe put there for them. These laws are the basis of an ecological system that had allowed them to flourish for millions of years. In time they got their population down to a sustainable level and found their place in the system. They will survive for millions of more years.

The men who scream about abortion and vote Republican will in the end kill generations and billions of people — their policies will not allow them to come to be. They are the real killers.

John Lucas


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