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Letter: Local leaders have bad role models

Posted: Saturday, June 10, 2017 3:30 pm

Editor: It seems odd that after citizens were required to pay for Lodi's infrastructure - water meters - we now face an increase in water rates.

This sounds very suspect. Do you think this might have been the idea all along ... thinking we citizens would never catch on?

If I didn't laugh at our local politicians I would have a disproportionate negative attitude toward them. But maybe instead, they're really laughing at us. Look at the role models local politicians have. Remember when our governor pushed through a previous gas tax, for roads, bridges, etc.? Remember how those funds were filtered into the state's general fund and used to balance the governor's budget?

So now we have a new gas tax, because our roads, bridges, etc., really need repairs. Oh well, I know of two things associated with the new gas tax, a negative and a positive. On the negative, stories are circulating that millions of dollars were given to supporting politicians, to appropriate a positive vote. Money these politicians will use in undoubtedly positive ways, but where would these funds have originated if their vote had not been yes?

On the positive side the new gas tax funds are nailed down so tight, they will never see the governor's general fund. Needed repairs might get done.

If this is the way out state politicians set the tone for business, how can we expect stellar business from our local politicians?

Look locally for examples of sacrificing for our community. A few years back, Lodi teachers took a noticeable pay cut that lasted for years. Why? For the students, for student supplies, to keep class sizes small, so many, many teachers would not lose their jobs.

We have about 1,400 teachers who sacrificed for your children and grandchildren, and this is only one example. Many people and businesses have sacrificed for the betterment of this community. Is it possible our city politicians could look locally for positive examples, and not to our state leaders, who seem to embellish an attitude of greed?

Carol Smith